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Free Module Monday! 0

What’s this you say? A new thing? Yes! A new thing. We’re starting Free Module Monday’s where we round up some of our favorite modules that cost…wait for it. ABSOLUTELY

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Tavern Tales – Free Tabletop RPG System Review 0

So while shuffling about I found my way to, it’s a continually updated free to play tabletop RPG ruleset, based purely on donations. The tabletop game seems to be

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Torchlight Free + Huge Game Sale on GOG 0

So I haven’t been on enough recently, my apologies! However I saw this and HAD to share with fellow gamers!   Torchlight, a game I hadn’t had the time to

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A new free fantasy RPG : Novarium ! A magic-heavy setting, ruled by women! 2

Greg Cristopher, the author of Cascade Failure now gifts us a new (and again, completely free) roleplaying-game, Novarium. In the magic-filled world of Vaena women received the gift of magic,

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Warhammer Online : Game Client Now Free 0

Mythic Entertainment has announced that players who are looking to subscribe after participating in the free WAR trial will no longer be required to purchase the full game client to

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