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It’s Reality, Jim, but not As We Know It: St Barbara 0

Two of the most important skills that I added to the Hero System when I was writing my House Rules for my Champions campaign were Paranormal Physics and Paranormal Biology . The first explains how powers work using game physics – and therefore can also be used to determine potentials that the character had not thought of, and training methods to bring them out. It can also be…

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Like Sand through the Klein Bottle: Time Travel in RPGs, Part 3 0

Hopefully, this will wrap up the article on Time Travel! Part 1 looked at the problems of Time Travel in RPGs, and reached the conclusion that the GM had to have some understanding of the nature of time in his campaign before he could adjudicate the complexities that could result. Part Two comprised excerpts relating to the Nature of Time from…

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A Journey Of 1,000 Years: Time Travel in RPGs, Part 2 0

.| Spiral |. by Clix The first part of this article looked at two simplistic solutions to the question of how to handle time travel in RPGs, and found that as they stood, neither was satisfactory. A number of readers were kind enough to write in, suggesting additions that could be made to these two solutions to make them more practical for game purposes. This…

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When Inspiration Is Not Enough: Time Travel in RPGs, Part 1 0

Extract from ‘The Persistence Of Memory’ by Salvadore Dali When writing my submission to the June 2010 Blog Carnival , A Medley Of Inspiring Media , I said that Time Travel was a special case. This article started off as just another section of that Blog Post, but quickly showed signs of growing into another of those monster subjects requiring a multiple-part post to completely contain the discussion. Rather than…

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