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Kingmaker: Meet Hanarg Venom Tusk

We’re starting Paizo’s Kingmaker adventure path tonight. The GM is going to use Aspects from FATE in the game and I haven’t finished those yet. But then again neither have any of the other players. We should have a pretty interesting group for this game. And keep the blogosphere fairly up to date as things

Ryan Dancey: You made me think scary thoughts

Well if you’ve been paying the least bit of attention to the RPG scene, you’ve probably heard that Ryan Dancey has made another gloomy prediction for the RPG industry. Basically, the chances for D&D remaining a table top game are pretty much dead in the water. Despite the chant of “So goes WOTC so goes

Our Spelljammer Pathfinder Campaign: When Good Dice Go Bad

I decided throw down some notes on our current games. Think of these as sort session summaries but only the good and interesting parts. This campaign has been going on for a while so I’ll take this little bit to introduce the characters. We have a Kender Bard, a Goblin Druid, a Warforged Crusader, a

Ultra Gritty Mercenaries for Savage Worlds

A couple of weeks ago, I was watching The Expendables and I thought back to an old game we used to play called Commando by SPI that was house ruled into sort of an RPG. It was a lot like the movies Uncommon Valor, Dogs of War and The Wild Geese. It was fast, fun

Bestiary 2: A Very Quick & Dirty Review

This was really meant to be a much longer review but heck real life and other dead lines just got in the way but here’s some quick thoughts. I gotta say that it’s pretty damned good. Not quite as good as the Advanced Player’s Guide but still good. A lot monster books are just a

Less Than Heroic

I do love a good comedy gaming web series and here’s one that needs a little help. Less Than Heroic is by the same folks that did Chaotic Good Online. It was pretty damned funny. But they did that entire series out of pocket. This time they’re doing a little fund raising and the clock

Web Clip Wednesday: Roleplayed

Once again, I’m delving back into the past. Let’s face it there’s so much crap on youtube sometimes you can miss some real gems. This one features a really dysfunctional gaming session. Enjoy.

Help Me Make My Kingmaker Character

Our little group is gearing up to start Paizo’s Kingmaker Adventure Path this month. I’ve been throwing around ideas for a character. Normally, this isn’t much of a problem. I’m usually one of the first come up with a character concept and run with it. We will be using Aspects but haven’t seen how the

Web Clip Wednesday: Ending the Year with A Classic

A return to one of my favorite web series. A perfect thing for the final Web Clip Wednesday for 2010. Happy New Year everyone.

My new favorite RPG’s for 2010

The year is almost over and it’s that time of year to reflect back on the neat stuff from over the past year. So here it is my own little list of the my favorite RPG’s for 2010. Topping the list, of course, is the Dresden Files RPG. I am a little biased. I’m a

Jennifer the Sound Girl: A DFRPG NPC

Some time next year, I plan running a Dresden Files campaign. There’s not a lot prep for the game master until city and character creation are done but that’s not going to stop from experimenting and bouncing ideas around. I’ve already thrown the pitch and the plan is use the city I created for an

Venture Captain: An Online Pathfinder Character Generator

What you haven’t heard about this yet? The folks over at Mad Brew Labs put together Venture Captain, a pretty awesome character generator for Pathfinder. Bonus it spits out a nice clean PDF of character sheet for you. The interface is pretty easy and intuitive. I really like it. Let’s face it sometimes the number

Aspects For Pathfinder: The Beta Version

We’ll be starting Paizo’s Kingmaker adventure path after the New Year and the GM has decided to add Aspects from FATE to see what happens. As you’ve probably already noticed I’m just like so many people and have grown to really love FATE since the Dresden Files RPG has hit the shelves and personally I

An Early Christmas Present for a JourneyQuest fans

I’ve made it no secret that I really like JourneyQuest so I figured I do a little project and hopefully throw a little of help their way. Here are few sound bites distilled down into MP3′s. Go ahead use them as a ring tone or whatever. Now if you’re coming through via the RPG Bloggers

Welcome to Astropia

It’s been a while since I did a movie review and never thought that it would be a movie from Iceland but this at least deserves notice thanks to the huge amount of geekiness in the film. Astropia (aka Dorks & Damsels) has pretty simple concept for a romantic comedy/gamer movie. A hot chick has

Gamma World: Maybe I might give this a try some time

Overall it sounds like a pretty fun game. Maybe that’s been one of the problems with the edition wars and all. Too many people take D&D just too damned seriously. For gods sake, its’ just a game get over it. But any on to Gamma World. Yeah, I know it still uses the same basic

2011 Looks Bleak

By this time of year I usually have a little shopping list for the neat new RPG’s that will be coming out next year. But not this year. It’s weird. There is nothing on my radar for 2011. That’s not saying that there’s nothing neat coming up. There is. Just off the top of my

Behold the Great Beholder Hat

Sorry for the quality of the pictures. My cellphone has a really crappy camera. But it’s nice to have fun during a game. Case in point, the The Great Beholder Hat. Note to self, start taking the regular camera to game sessions.

Getting Our Feet Wet with the Dresden Files Part II: Lessons Learned

So here’s some notes for any future DFRPG GM’s and players. The game is a sand box let the players go off on their stories. They may not follow the exact adventure you have outlined but they will get there eventually. Don’t be afraid to improvise the adventure based on the player characters are doing.

The Dresden Files RPG: Getting Our Feet Wet Part I

Our little group got together to do a Dresden Files RPG one shot for Halloween and much fun was had by all. It was really great giving this system an actual run through to get a good idea on how it works when the dice meet the table. Overall, the system worked well and any