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School club update: 16 players! 0

Today was the first meeting of the after-school game program I’ve been running for the past seven years and we had quite a turn-out: 16 players, all of which were interested in playing Dungeons & Dragons. Yikes! Three of the players are “maybes” (they want to play Warmachine but the low #s makes it hard to do that week after week). The other 13 are all …

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School’s back in session 0

The school year has started and that means the weekly after-school gaming program I run will be starting again as well. Our first informational session is next Wednesday after which I will have a better idea of how many potential members we’ll have and what they’re interested in playing. Of most interest is the number of roleplayers I’ll …

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Review: Monster Slayers – The Heroes of Hesiod 0

Today I’m reviewing a game that I’ve had on my “to do” list for more than a month but held off reviewing until I had a chance to play it with my son. Monster Slayers – The Heroes of Hesiod (referred to as just “Monster Slayers” from here on) is an adventure/game by Susan Morris, …

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