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Gaming with Kids: A High School Fiasco (the Apple Valley High Session) 0

I’ve run three games of Fiasco over the past three weeks at the after-school club, each of them a big hit with the high school students, so much so that we’ve actually had drop in players based on word of mouth. This is a summary of the second game which was a playtest of a young adult specific play…

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Gaming with Kids: From D&D to Fiasco 0

It’s official, 4E D&D is a dead at the after-school gaming club. At the moment the students are really grooving on playing Fiasco – we’ve played three weeks in a row and I’ve had new kids showing up wanting to play, or just watch, based on word of mouth. That’s really odd (and cool) to me since having run the …

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4E Starter Set: Actual play with photos 0

My 8-year-old son and I played through the “Your First Encounter” section of the Starter set’s DM’s Book using characters we created using the solo adventure in the Player’s Book. He’s playing Ruflin, elf rogue, while I am playing Nero, dwarf fighter. I acted as DM and player (which works well when playing with younger players since …

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