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Dungeons & Dragons: a documentary trailer 0

Have you heard of the Dungeons and Dragons Documentary that was started on kickstarter? With being well funded, I can imagine this will soon come to light. Watching the trailer

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New, Premium Reprints of the Original AD&D books in April ! 3

  There are some pleasantly surprising news here : Wizards of the Coast decided to release premium reprints of the original Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rulebooks! I’m pretty sure that

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Gary Gygax was born today in 1938 – let’s give him an honor roll! 0

Today marks what would have been Gary Gygax’s 71st birthday.  Let’s all grab our favorite dice, pause a moment to think about RPG’s and how much Gary influenced everything we do with them, and then give him an honor roll.  Feel free to report any Natural 20′s here. Technorati Tags: honor roll , gary gygax , rpg , role playing games Troll…

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Remembering A Legend 0

Gary Gygax, was a writer and game designer. In the 1960s Gygax founded Gen Con . In 1971 he help develop the war game Chainmail. He co-founded the company Tactical Studies Rules (TSR) , and in 1974 Gary Gygax along with Dave Arneson created the legendary Role Playing Game, Dungeons & Dragons . As players of the role playing games we all owe a great debt to Gary…

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DM Rewards: Tomb of Horrors Review 0

I got something very unexpected in the mail last Friday when I went to check my PO box. Wizards of the Coast sent me my second DM Rewards package of the year.  I was standing in the post office holding a large white envelope from Wizards of the Coast that had DO NOT BEND printed in large bold letters…

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