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Web Clip Wednesday: Battleship Yamamato Trailer

Normally, it’s something humorous on Web Clip Wednesday but this one is just too good to pass up. I have so many fond memories from childhood of my very first anime that I had seen. It was Battleship Yamamato. And now their doing a live action version. It looks good but I have no idea

Savage Worlds Combat: Whiff & Ping

It’s been so long since I blogged anything about Savage Worlds. So, I figured it was time to go back and revisit my old friend. This time I want to rant a little about Whiff & Ping. For those not up on the local gamer jargon, Whiff & Ping is easy to explain. Whiff: I

Web Clip Wednesday: Dungeon Guys!

Once again I delved into the grimy depths of Youtube to find a couple of decent geek web clips. This time we have card board cuts and a couple of situations that we’ve probably seen too often.

From the Archives of Ancient Blogs: Wil Wheaton & the Giggle Loop

I had totally forgotten that I used to have a Blogger account and thanks to Tourq from Stuffer Shack I began reminiscing and remembered this little tale from 2004. Oh, those were the days. As I mentioned, earlier I attended Linucon this weekend. It was a great convention. The entire staff worked hard, the guest

Is Evil Hat the new White Wolf?

Looks like Fred Hicks and the Evil Hat crew have a hit on their hands with the Dresden Files RPG. I have to admit that I’m both a fan of Jim Butcher and the urban fantasy genre but at first I wasn’t too keen on the FATE system. I got over that. This game was

Neighbors From Hell: Fail

Let’s just say this could have been better. OK, it was lame. Hey, this is two bad reviews in two weeks. So here’s the basic premise. An evil energy company (more evil than Satan himself) has super-drill that can drill all the way though the Earth. This has the powers of Hell a bit angry

Web Clip Wednesday: Metagame

I have to admit that I first saw this on Enworld, first. But if you haven’t watched them yet, do it now! Looks, like these guys have a winner on their hands and I hope they keep up the good work. These are just great. This is probably the best TPK I’ve ever seen

Dimdim for remote gaming

I know lots of folks out there are sometimes geographically challenged when come to getting a gaming group together. There are lots of good free gaming specific solutions out there but last night while writing and listening to Pandora, I heard an ad about this little site. Now, it’s not game specific and I haven’t tried

A Princess of Mars

Just in case you think that the only movies I review are ones that I like here’s some notes on the Princess of Mars that SyFy threw at us last weekend. It Sucks Balls. This little waste of air time was brought to us by the same geniuses that gave us the now classic Megashark Vs

Web Clip Wednesday: Some useful advice

This week we have some very good advice from an expert. Everyone should know how to teleport and it’s a very valuable survival skill to know how to escape from a succubus. I told you that this would be handy.

More Thoughts on the Dresden Files RPG & What I’ve Been Thinking About Doing With It

Since Fred Hicks announced that the dead tree versions would be shipping on June 30, I’ve been chomping at the bit and reading over PDF’s. I do have to admit that I have a bit of the gamer ADD. Something new and shiny comes out and it really fascinates me until the next cool thing catches

Having a Rod of Wonder means never having to say you’re sorry.

OK, maybe it does but it certainly is one of the funnest magic items out there. Let me tell you a little about our Friday Pathfinder game. We’re running two adventure paths on alternating weeks but the one that’s important for this story is Council of Thieves. We have a nice little party; a half

Bloody Mallory

I said things were going to be busy this week so here’s a movie review dug up from the archives. Enjoy. Don’t worry, folks. I’ll make it up to you. I love bad movies, especially ones done well. Bloody Mallory is fits that bill. It has all the nifty bits. Action, Horror, Comedy,

Web Clip Wednesday: Dating a N00b

It’s been a crazy week but here you go. Enjoy. See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

Make Mine D&D 7.5

I was sitting here at my desk thinking about 3.5/Pathfinder and Fourth Edition and the whole future of the D&D product line. I still have those dark memories of the bitter Edition Wars. And from time to time there are still a few flare ups here and there but pretty much most folks have

Bitch Slap

Yep, this week’s review is for Bitch Slap, a movie that hearkens back to the exploitation and grindhouse movies of days gone by. Let’s see this is a movie about three woman who are out to score a butt load of diamonds buried out in the desert. The movie does have on interesting bit of storytelling

Web Clip Wednesday: Internet Comments

So I said earlier that this week was devoted to annoying Internet dwellers. So what if people acted in real life the way they do on the ‘net. Let’s see. And much like the internet, it may not be for the kiddies. See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor. See more funny videos

Dragon Age Machinima

I know it’s not Webclip Wednesday yet but these clip are just too cool. I knew when Bioware released the developer’s kit that someone with a lot time and talent than I was going do something really cool with it. The Trailer for those with a short attention span. And here’s Episode 1 of Warden’s Fall.