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I may not like 4th Ed. but I like some the people who play it.

I tweeted this little thought a couple of days ago and it just stuck with me. Really people, it’s about time to just shut up and roll some dice. Now I know that this troll bait but let’s face it. If so many people are concerned about the future of the hobby, wouldn’t it make

Pathfinder/Dragon Age Redemption: Do you see what I see?

So I did my daily stop by the good old Paizo blog and I saw this post and thought, Wow, if they ever do a Plague of Shadows movie, the casting would be really kind of easy.” Really, folks I can’t be the only person on the planet to have seen this. I’m really not

Webclip Wednesday: Super Harmony

OK, so I missed this one on Valentine’s Day. But still well worth the watch and it’s another gem from Team Unicorn. And BTW Seth Green is a luck guy.

If you just can’t wait for Dragon Age: Redemption . . .

Everybody is just craving some more Dragon Age goodness with all the neat stuff coming up in the next few months. One of those thing is Felecia Day’s Dragon Age: Redemption. But let’s not forget a pretty cool machinima series from last year. Warden’s Fall. I was actually surprised at how good this was. It’s

A Dragon Age Renaissance

Well, it seems that way to me. Dragon Age 2 is just around the corner. Set 2 for the table top RPG is going to be ready for pre-order soon. It’s hard to believe that Set 1 has been out over a year. Felicia Day has announced her web series Dragon Age: Redemption. Fans are

Using Aspects in the Dragon Age RPG

It’s no real secret that I really like FATE and am a big fan of Dragon Age. Mike over at Wrath of Zombie did a little post on this subject a while ago and then I ended up in little Twitter discussion with the guys over at Dragon Age Oracle. And once again this got

Webclip Wednesday: Let’s Play Enviro Bear!

This is the most realistic bear driving simulator out there. Really. Just watch the clip and find out. In case you didn’t know it bears drive cars and have one really long arm. This one is a little longer than the usual Wednesday Webclip but it’s well worth it. Watch out for those badgers!

Second Kingmaker session: Just the good parts

We finished up our second real session of Kingmaker and I sit here with a potato chip grease stained page of hand scribbled notes to tell you about it. Our characters have reached second level. We’re EPIC! We also continued our bad habits. OK, maybe it’s just me. Poke the web covered thorn bush and

Web Clip Wednesday: Geek Guys

Hey it’s another Katy Perry parody. BTW that’s a sure fire method to keep people from borrowing your lap top. I might have to try it some time.

D20 Monkey: Geeky Dysfunctional Goodness

I love it when I find a new nifty web comic and today I just found another one. This time it’s d20 Monkey. I really wish I had heard about this one sooner. This thing is right my alley: A dysfunctional group of gamers. It’s nice to a gamer-centric web comic that is by somebody

Worst House Rule Ever. C’mon hit me with ‘em.

Over at Topless Robot they had a contest for the worst RPG character. If you haven’t read it just head on over there and give it read. It’s worth it. This got me thinking. There have got to some just god awful house rules or even crazy GM rulings out there that just made you

Web Clip Wednesday: The Super Bowl Commercial Song

Really, I can’t say better than feature Johnathon Coulton, Greg Benson, Kim Evey and the Paul and Storm. The cast sums it up, kiddos.

My Net Neutrality Rant

The debate continues on the subject on Net Neutrality. In my opinion, there’s nothing to debate. It’s just a basic assurance of freedom of expression and an open and free market. But our lawmakers and sitting there with their heads up their collective asses and their ears to the big telco’s. Let’s go back in

The Racial Beholder Class

There’s been a request for it and here it is. The beta version of the Beholder racial class. Like I’ve said before we’re not a bunch of rules lawyers so we have nothing against making it up as we go along but this is the basis of what we are using. One person is playing

Bitten: Hot Vampire Vs Jason Mewes

Once again I stumble into one those movies that went under the radar. This time it’s Bitten. This little movies stars Jason Mewes as a down on his luck EMT working the graveyard shift. He spends his nights saving a string of overdosing junkies and pretty much has a miserable life. Then one night he

Web Clip Wednesday: Super Hero Poker

Yeah, Superman really is a dick. What more can I say? Other than check out the other two episodes. Really, they worth a few minutes of your time.

Web Clip Wednesday: Super Hero Poker

Yeah, Superman really is a dick. What more can I say? Other than check out the other two episodes. Really, they worth a few minutes of your time.

Our First Kingmaker Session and Playing with Aspects in Pathfinder

We finally started out Kingmaker game on Friday. Most of the session was eaten up by everyone finishing up their characters. But here’s the juicy bits on how the GM is handling using Aspects. Each character has seven Aspects and a Refresh of 3. Compelling and invoking Aspects works basically the same way as it

Kingmaker: Meet Hanarg Venom Tusk

We’re starting Paizo’s Kingmaker adventure path tonight. The GM is going to use Aspects from FATE in the game and I haven’t finished those yet. But then again neither have any of the other players. We should have a pretty interesting group for this game. And keep the blogosphere fairly up to date as things

Movie Review: Lo A Story of Love and Demon Summoning

It’s been a while since I did movie review. I generally like to review movies that fall below the radar and ones that I actually liked and hence the lack of reviews over the last few months. But I just found another little gem. Lo. This is a nice independent dark comedy/horror film but personally