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Web Clip Wednesday: Brokeback Barbarian

Oh, what can I say? I did have my questions about about Dar but Conan the Gubenator?

Web Clip Wednesday: Brokeback Barbarian

Oh, what can I say? I did have my questions about about Dar but Conan the Gubenator?

An Early Christmas Present for a JourneyQuest fans

I’ve made it no secret that I really like JourneyQuest so I figured I do a little project and hopefully throw a little of help their way. Here are few sound bites distilled down into MP3′s. Go ahead use them as a ring tone or whatever. Now if you’re coming through via the RPG Bloggers

Web Clip Wednesday:How about a game of human Pac-Man?

It’s amazing what you can do with a butt load of people, a camera and a lot time.

Welcome to Astropia

It’s been a while since I did a movie review and never thought that it would be a movie from Iceland but this at least deserves notice thanks to the huge amount of geekiness in the film. Astropia (aka Dorks & Damsels) has pretty simple concept for a romantic comedy/gamer movie. A hot chick has

Nanowrimo is done & Victory is mine!

Well, two days early and I hit the mark and just at the end of the story. This little story has been clogging up brain for over a year now and its finally out and waiting to through a massive edit sometime in the future. The thing about Nanowrimo for me is that its not

Web Clip Wednesday: Charlie the Unicorn

With Nanowrimo and the Thanksgiving Holiday, this week is really busy but I’m not letting you down for Web Clip Wednesday. So here you a sort WTF is this clip, Charlie the Unicorn. Don’t worry, folks. Things will get pretty much back to normal in December and 2011 is going to be interesting but more

Some Thoughts During This Nanowrimo

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Budding writers including myself are hunched over their keyboards ready to crank out 50,000 words in a month. But I think we should take a moment to warn our family and friends. For the entire month of November, we are going to be edgy, nervous, sleep deprived, and

Web Clip Wednesday: Light Sabres for Home Defense

This year Nanowrimo is really kicking my butt and good old blog is the one taking it on the chin. Just not throwing up as many posts as I normally do but here you go at least I’m keeping up with Web Clip Wednesday.

Gamma World: Maybe I might give this a try some time

Overall it sounds like a pretty fun game. Maybe that’s been one of the problems with the edition wars and all. Too many people take D&D just too damned seriously. For gods sake, its’ just a game get over it. But any on to Gamma World. Yeah, I know it still uses the same basic

Web Clip Wednesday: I Will Derive!

Hey, can’t I be sort of educational now and then. Here’s a little math lesson for you.

2011 Looks Bleak

By this time of year I usually have a little shopping list for the neat new RPG’s that will be coming out next year. But not this year. It’s weird. There is nothing on my radar for 2011. That’s not saying that there’s nothing neat coming up. There is. Just off the top of my

Behold the Great Beholder Hat

Sorry for the quality of the pictures. My cellphone has a really crappy camera. But it’s nice to have fun during a game. Case in point, the The Great Beholder Hat. Note to self, start taking the regular camera to game sessions.

Getting Our Feet Wet with the Dresden Files Part II: Lessons Learned

So here’s some notes for any future DFRPG GM’s and players. The game is a sand box let the players go off on their stories. They may not follow the exact adventure you have outlined but they will get there eventually. Don’t be afraid to improvise the adventure based on the player characters are doing.

WebClip Wednesday: I want to f- a Super Hero

Performed by Bailee Desrocher at Meltdown Comics. Pretty damned funny. Enjoy all. /div>

The Dresden Files RPG: Getting Our Feet Wet Part I

Our little group got together to do a Dresden Files RPG one shot for Halloween and much fun was had by all. It was really great giving this system an actual run through to get a good idea on how it works when the dice meet the table. Overall, the system worked well and any

November is Nanowrimo!

While I haven’t played along the last couple years, this I’m going all in. So there may not be as many updates as usual but I still be doing my best. This year and the next hopefully my creative juices will be flowing like crazy. To put it bluntly my creative juices have been pretty

Web Clip Wednesday: We have a vampire problem.

Vampires over done or just abused. One thing is for sure, they need to get their fangs back and quit being such wussies. See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

Sorry, Your Village Was Just Collateral Damage

This is one that thing that has bugged through every edition of D&D. Your characters pretty much become weapons of mass destruction. Let’s play this out in our imaginations. At the beginning of your adventuring career, even the city guards were threat to you but now that you’ve got few levels under your belt things

Cooking & Writing Part II

I blogged a long time ago on how writing is like cooking. Well, another little incident has brought forth another similarity. Some folks expect you to work for free. A lady connected Chef S.O. the other day and wanted her to do a catering gig. But here’s the catch, the lady only wanted to pay