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Web Clip Wednesday: Say Hello to Mari-Kari

Fun little ghostly animated series. Enjoy the whole series over at FEARNET.

Re-purposing Horror Adventures to Urban Fantasy/Dresden Files

It’s that time of year again. Time roll out the ghosts and ghoulies. You know. Halloween. Normally around this time of year I like to throw up some stuff Horror related stuff but this I want to head down a slightly different but related alley. I’m talking about urban fantasy gaming. I’ve always been a

I feel like playing D&D Essentials but for all the wrong reasons

It’s been a while and it appears that the damned edition wars just won’t die. I’m not going to hide the fact that I really don’t like 4th Edition and have been faithfully playing Pathfinder. It’s just that the bitching just keeps going on and on. Whining about math and balance. Dungeons aren’t right. It’s

Web Clip Wednesday: 30 Days of Night

Halloween is just around the corner so it’s to get into the “spirit” of things. Morgan Spurlock’s “30 Days of Night” – watch more funny videos

JourneyQuest meet Dungeonslayers

If you haven’t seen JourneyQuest yet just freaking do it now then come back here and finish reading. One of the really neat things the guys over at Zombie Orpheus did was put Journey Quest under a Creative Commons License. So what better way to pay homage (other than cash) to this noble endeavor than

Web Clip Wednesday: The Quest for The +5 Stapler

Because you just need a better stapler. Sort of Office/Office Space meets a D&D corporate world. Bit longer than my web clips but I think it’s worth it. Remember when it used to cost 100 GP to identify an item. They do. Dungeons and Dragons Inc. The Quest for the +5 Stapler from J Hanna

Social Intelligence: This is going to get ugly

News about a company called Social Intelligence Corp. broke last week. I thought that was a dangerous and bad idea then and now that I’ve time to calm my anger, it’s still a damned dangerous slope. On the surface, this may seem like a simple little idea. If a potential employee posts an insane manifesto

Adapting FATE Aspects to other games

I’ve been chatting with Mike from Wrath of Zombies about gaming and other fine geeky things. We’ve talking a lot about FATE and the Dresden Files RPG and how neat Aspects are. I’ve had a similar conversation with our DM who is currently running our Second Darkness game. He’ll also be running Kingmaker for us.

My Girlfriend Meets Sharktopus

So according to the buzz Sharktopus pretty much owned the ratings for Saturday night cable viewing. But as I sat down to watch this little epic I was expecting some resistance. You see the girl friend ain’t a geek. She tries. And God love her, she does a good job most of the time. But

Web Clip Wednesday: Journey Quest

Why didn’t I hear about Journey Quest sooner? A most epic comedic gaming return from the geniuses at Dead Gentlemen. The neatest thing about this is they are doing via Fan Funding. Just head on over and show these guys some support. We need more good gamer comedy out there.

Savaged Sharktopus

I’m so sorry but I just couldn’t let it go. I just had to do this for some strange reason. Sharktopus (Wild Card) Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6 (A), Spirit d8, Strength dd12+4, Vigor d12 Skills: Fighting d10, Guts d8, Notice d12, Swim d10 Charisma: 0; Pace: 4/10 ; Parry: 7; Toughness: 16 Bite: Str+d8

A little fun with the FATE RPG

I just had this crazy idea on the drive home tonight. Go ahead do the Aspects for any fictional character. No need to mess around with skills or anything else. Just play around with Aspects. But you see. Here’s the catch. You can only use song titles. Now if you don’t know anything about FATE

Web Clip Wed: Dieco Insurance

A great little fan project from Dragon*Con. God how wish I had chance to there. But anyway, enjoy the video.

Open Play Tests: Dragon Age: Set 2 & Pathfinder Ultimate Magic

Yep, the wait is over and the documents are up on Green Ronin’s site. This is a really great idea. It’s worked for Paizo with Pathfinder. Plus it’s been a while since Set 1 came out and the coals were starting to get pretty cold. It’s good news that they’ve been able to release this.

The Buy In

You need player Buy In. You know that suspension of disbelief that allows everyone to enjoy the world, the story and not harp about any quirks with the setting or the rules. Everybody has their favorite set of rules and everybody has a set of rules that they absolutely despise. And there’s dozens of rules

It be talk like a Pirate Day

Avast ye scurvy dogs! Ye best be talkin’ like a Pirate this fine day or it’ll be a keelhaulin’ for ya. If you want venture forth across sea for glory and booty, I offer up to ye RPG for yer land lubbers who just sit around a table and roll the bones. I be speakin’

Web Clip Wed: Geek & Gamer Girls

Yet another music video clip and it been around the net already but I figured I throw up any way. Special kudos to Seth Green, Katee Sackhoff and Stan Lee. I swear the guy dressed as Spiderman looks a bit like Nathan Fillion but I’m pretty sure that it’s not. Enjoy. Geek and Gamer Girls

Tech at the Game Table: My Little Wish

Lap tops and tech gadgets are getting more and more prevalent at the game table and there’s a bunch of virtual table tops for folks to use as means of long distance gaming or as a networked solution. Personally, I’ve gotten into the habit of using electronic character sheets and referencing PDF’s of rule books

An RPG Epiphany: Dragon Age of Conan

When I’m in a brain dead mood, I just sit back, relax and let my mind just wander all over the place. It might sound like a waste of time but I think of it as sort stirring a simmering pot. Something interesting just might come to surface. This time it was the announcement of

Webclip Wednesday: Wounded Stormtrooper

When I saw this I had a good laugh and really reminded of Red Vs Blue. I mean really do we ever really see or even notice if a stormtrooper is wounded or what. We just assume that they die when you shoot them.