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Everything I needed to know about gaming I learned from Savage Worlds

This really isn’t about evangelizing Savage Worlds. This is about some key philosophies of the game. Mainly, don’t sweat the little stuff. Here’s one of the things that just bug about d20 in all it’s iterations, the amazing number of conditions. You’ve got things like Dazed, Dazzled, Fascinated, Frightened, Fatigued, Shaken, Staggered and the list

Web Clip Wednesday: Slingers

I know I usually post a humorous clip for Wednesday but not this time. While Firefly was a mish mash of SciFi and Western, Slingers is SciFi meets Oceans 11. We’re talking smoked filled casinos and ingenious heists. It sounds like a really cool idea for a series. But you know what, it might make

D&D Essentials & Fortune Cards

So the two big things rattling the cages of the D&D blogosphere are D&D Essentials and the new Favor Cards. I admit that I am not a 4th Edition fanboy. I bought my Core Books, ran an adventure and pretty much shelved the whole thing. There just too many things that made me scream, “WTF!”

Armadillocon After Thoughts

Last year, I missed my favorite local convention but this year I went despite the pounding my my bank account has taken over the last few months. The great thing about this convention is that gives me a jolt to the creative centers of my brain. Being around so many creative people and hearing their

Dillocon or Bust!

Off to Armadillocon 32. Unfortunately, I missed it last year but this year I’ll going and recharge my geek mojo While it’s primarily a literary science fiction convention, there will be open gaming and a Munchkin Tournament. There’s plenty of great guests and the panels are pretty good. A great time shall be had by

Web Clip Wednesday: Oh, Ray Bradbury

This was a pretty big geeky hit last week and for those of you that missed it. It’s another music video and that is not kid or work safe. So you have been warned. F*ck Me, Ray Bradbury – watch more funny videos

Using The Right Game for Your Game

Once again Banesfinger showed up and inspired me again with his comments on the old Savage Worlds: Whiff & Ping. This got me thinking about the crunchy bits of games and who I choose what rules to use for which campaign. Since these thoughts started with Savage Worlds, I’ll start there. I totally admit that

Web Clip Wednesday: The Gamer Chick

A new web comedy series is on tap for this week. Yes, Virginia. It’s OK for girls to be gamers. I’m glad to see another comedy series about gamers that make us look like normal people and not a bunch basement dwelling mouth breathers. Check out Episode One and visit The Gamer Chick Show site

Hey dude! You’re playing it wrong!

We hear that all the damned time. There’s no one right way to play but there are certainly wrong ways. And the most incorrect way to play is just being a dick. If you’re out to prove that you have the biggest dick at the table then you only will prove that you are one.

The Advanced Player’s Guide the Pathfinder Role Playing Game: More Thoughts

I promised a few more thoughts and well here they are. The Pathfinder RPG is pretty darned and cool my group has been playing since the beta test and we’re all pretty happy with it. This book turns it up to 11. First chapter is Character Races. This is pretty neat stuff. This is alternate

Hell Ride

Yep, I’m reviewing another movie from a few years back. This another in the long line of movies produced by Quentin Tarantino and it’s definitely got his fingerprints all over it. This is a good thing. Hell Ride is a story of honor, revenge, sex, violence, secrets and buried treasure all centered around two rival

Web Clip Wed: Geek Quest

Here’s a couple of nice clips of a college project. Think of it sort of like The Gamers with even lower budget. Not bad but I haven’t been able to find the end.

Obsidian Twilight: A Place Beyond Hell

I don’t often shill products but once in a while I hear about something that I just think is a really cool idea. LPJ Design has this pretty neat setting for Pathfinder. It’s called Obsidian Twilight. It’s a cross between Ravenloft and Dark Sun, a post apocalyptic horror setting. It’s actually pretty cool. He’s planning

Ten Things that are OK in MMO’s but not in a table top game.

Will electronic games take the place of table games? I dunno. But there plenty of things that are just silly about electronic games that would never fly in a table top game. 1. Run the same adventure over and over until everyone gets the loot they want 2. Have the party wait around because some

Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide

I thought that this was going to be cool. I was wrong. It’s just fantastic. If you’re playing Pathfinder just pick this up and drop every one of your old 3.5 splat books. You won’t need them. I’m still trying to digest all the info that is in this book. Tweaks and new abilities for


Once again, I’m digging into the past to drum up movie that every geek should see sometime in their live time. This time I’m talking about Fanboys. Now, I know there some controversies around the film during its development and screenings. So I just had to see it for myself. This movie should be some

Web Clip Wed: I’ve thought about those uniforms too

Hmm. Maybe those uniforms we’re a bit distracting. But then again I ain’t complaining.

On August 4, the Paizo Servers will burn

That’s when the PDF for the Advanced Player’s Guide gets released for all us poor schmucks who don’t a have subscription. My prediction is that it’s going to almost as bad as when they released the core book. I’m really excited about this product. From the play test documents that they’ve released and the

California’s Video Game Law

Oh not you too, Texas. Don’t tell me you’re in on this too. Somebody tell them that the state brings in some good money from all those evil games. But then again they still should be considered a form of expression and (I dare say it) art. Just like a bad novel or the latest

Web Clip Wes: Video Game Super Easy Mode

Don’t you wish real life had a super easy mode too. Oh, well. Enjoy! See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.