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Bite me, Apple

Dear Apple, Sorry that you lost that whole DMCA thing. But get serious I don’t need an Apple Star Chamber deciding what’s OK for me to put on my phone. Yes, I know that there is malware out there. But you make my damned phone, you are not my mommy and you don’t get to

RPG Blog Carnival: Growing the Hobby

This month’s Blog Carnival (hosted by Mad Brew Labs) is almost over and I’ve put a bunch thought into this one. The whole subject of growing the table top RPG hobby is interesting one. Let’s go with the biggie first. Stigma. In our modern society, the geek subculture has been pretty much accepted by the

Wolfhound: Some Russian Sword & Sorcery Goodness

Recommendation: Rent it. Sorry the ending is so silly. There’s some really good movies that have come out of Russia. If haven’t see Nightwatch yet, do so now. But that’s not what this review is about. This is about Wolfhound, a fairly decent fantasy tale from the East. Yeah, I said fairly decent. The set

Some more crazy Dresden Files RPG Thoughts

So I’m still running through ideas for Dresden Files and few rather odd ones hit me at lunch. It’s easy to go for the low hanging fruit and garner some inspiration from the usual places (looking at you Buffy/Angel) and for a campaign I might grab some ideas from there. But I want to go

And now a public service message

Forbidden Knowledge: Pass it on. Don’t forget your Elder Sign

Art immitates life

So taking a little breather this evening and sat down to the old idiot box without much regard for channel or show. But stopped and watched Rules of Engagement which normally I don’t bother to catch. It’s that wasteland between How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory. But this episode was one inside

So Many Games, so little time

I don’t know if it’s old age or what. But anymore it just seems like there are just too many good games out there. And of course there just seems never to be enough time to play all the games that I want. But thinking back even in my younger days there were only a

Paizo’s Plot Twist Deck

Just got the Plot Twist Deck today and it’s pretty darned sweet. If you’ve stopped by here enough you’ll know that I’m one of those story over rules guys which makes this right up my alley. Here’s what you get. Fifty-one cards with nifty bits of inspirational artwork. Each card has a title and four

Meet Senkra Changeling Rogue

Our Spelljammer game is getting ready to get started so I figured I’d take the time to throw up my character for fun. I still need to knock out a quick background. It’s all there in my head just need to write it out. But here you go. Senkra, Changeling, Rogue 1 Alignment: CG Init:

Web Clip Wednesday: Yes, we’ve seen this joke

Gamers have been doing this joke literally for decades but in age of Youtube and the mighty webclip someone had to up it on the Internet finally.

This is a test

So if you’ve been paying attention the last few weeks, you may noticed that I’ve upgraded the old blog but an unintended side effect was that it screwed up my RSS feeds. Everything I was writing was going out on the RPG site. While personally I have nothing against this there were a few things

Horror & The FATE System

As I posted a few weeks ago, the GM bug has been gnawing at me. Since the Dresden Files RPG has hit the shelves, a few more ideas have crept into my little brain. One of the ideas I had been playing around with is running a horror campaign. I had originally planned on using

Pulled an all nighter

Wow, haven’t done that in a long time. We wrapped up the Council of Thieves campaign last night and it pretty much took all night. Things got a little bogged down and one of the players was running late due to family commitments. But we survived barely. Things got out of hand a couple times

Council of Thieves Fin. Hello Spelljammer

As you are reading this we should be beginning the last session of our Council of Thieves campaign thanks to the miracle of technology and scheduling posts to the future. This has been a fun ride. A member of our group who hadn’t DM’d for us before ran the entire Adventure Path. He did a

The Haunted World of El Superbeasto

When I take the time to just chill I like to dig to the depths of my Netflix and watch those things that I thought would be interesting at the time. One of those was obviously The Haunted World of El Superbeasto. This little animated feature is based off a comic by Rob Zombie. And

Web Clip Wednesday: Damsels of Dorkington

I was going to run the title as “I kissed a nerd” but I thought some folks would take it the wrong way. But then again I have kissed a Food Nerd and liked it. But that’s another story. But any this week, I’m featuring something that’s actually sort new. I’m sure we can expect


My god this has been one lazy but relaxing weekend. I originally had some big plans to get all sorts of things done but instead I just fiddled around the best part of this is that I re-watched The Gamers and Dorkness Rising and this got hankering for some old school and just fun dungeon

Allods: In Russia MMO Play You

I’ve been really bored with World of Warcraft lately. It just isn’t that same as it used to be. Horde and Alliance sitting all cosy like in some city. Everybody just sitting around waiting for the next raid. The rest of the world is pretty much dead. You can for hours without seeing another player.

Persons Unknown

I’m really trying to like this but so far it just hasn’t grabbed me. I mean the trailer is just dead creepy cool but actually watching the show is a snooze fest. Here’s the basic premise. A bunch of people get kidnapped and dropped into this mostly deserted town. They can’t get out. They don’t

They Might Be Gazebos has it’s own place

That’s right, I’ve broken down and just plain moved it’s own domain. It’s not that there’s been that much traffic over there but I figure it’s a great incentive for post more over there. It’s still pretty much going to be the same plus as time permits I’m going try a few bits of experimental