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Web Clip Wednesday and Happy Geek Pride Day

It’s Geek Pride Day and searched high and low for something good for Geek Pride/Towel Day. And what better than a geeky parody of Rebecca Black’s Friday. So Don’t Panic and May the Force be with you. I know I plan on doing some sort geeky relaxation today if it kills me.

It’s been a heck of week

Really, it’s been a great week for discussion on Castles and Crusades. I’d like to thank all folks who stopped by. Next week things are going to get back to what passes for “normal” here at the old blog. The usual features and hopefully some new stuff. And if you liked the Castles and Crusades

Gogos Crazybones: I detect an upcoming geek fad.

Gogos Crazybones may be just another collectible kiddie craze like Pokemon but I’m pretty sure that this going to catch on with the geeks out there. These things could be a fun little game in the cube farm or at lunch. Hell, they’d make some neat cube decorations too. Let’s face it, us geeks have

Five More Characters Who Just Might Be Time Lords Too

Dr. Who is back and the blue police box has hit the shores on this side of the pond but you already know that don’t you? So what other what other Time Lords might be out there hiding. I think I just might have found a couple. James Bond Every few years he changes appearance

Eau d’Gamer: The Good Kind

That’s right a line of RPG themed perfume oils. I just heard about Black Phoenix Alchemy and its RPG Line via Geek Girl Diva. Dang, this is pretty cool idea. Black Phoenix makes a whole line of natural scents and body oils. This little grouping is really interesting for you gamers out there, a series

My Net Neutrality Rant

The debate continues on the subject on Net Neutrality. In my opinion, there’s nothing to debate. It’s just a basic assurance of freedom of expression and an open and free market. But our lawmakers and sitting there with their heads up their collective asses and their ears to the big telco’s. Let’s go back in

Behold the Great Beholder Hat

Sorry for the quality of the pictures. My cellphone has a really crappy camera. But it’s nice to have fun during a game. Case in point, the The Great Beholder Hat. Note to self, start taking the regular camera to game sessions.

My Girlfriend Meets Sharktopus

So according to the buzz Sharktopus pretty much owned the ratings for Saturday night cable viewing. But as I sat down to watch this little epic I was expecting some resistance. You see the girl friend ain’t a geek. She tries. And God love her, she does a good job most of the time. But

Web Clip Wednesday: Damsels of Dorkington

I was going to run the title as “I kissed a nerd” but I thought some folks would take it the wrong way. But then again I have kissed a Food Nerd and liked it. But that’s another story. But any this week, I’m featuring something that’s actually sort new. I’m sure we can expect

From the Archives of Ancient Blogs: Wil Wheaton & the Giggle Loop

I had totally forgotten that I used to have a Blogger account and thanks to Tourq from Stuffer Shack I began reminiscing and remembered this little tale from 2004. Oh, those were the days. As I mentioned, earlier I attended Linucon this weekend. It was a great convention. The entire staff worked hard, the guest