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Holiday Gift Guide 0

I always wanted to do a Holiday Gift Guide, but with my CMD (clinical motivation deficiency), I never got around to it. Please, don’t worry about me, I’m taking medication and seeking the help I need. First up on our list of gifts for the gamer in your life is a little thing that every adventurer should have… The Bag of Holding

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Troll’s Guide to Gifting Geeks for under $20 0

I get it.  Like nights in Arabia of old, there are 1001 shopping guides out there this holiday season that focus on squeezing the last dollar bill out of your pocket in the name of saving a buck to purchase that thing you never thought you needed until now.  This list is a little different.  There will be no iPods….

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Handmade Gamer Gifts 0

Tweet The holidays are upon us, and ’tis the season for the usual agonizing over what to get your favorite gamer as a gift. With the way the economy has been for the past few years, however, splurging on a brand new hardcover might not be as feasible as it once was. Low-cost PDFs and print-on-demand are wonderful things…

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