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Resource Chest : Gnolls, elves and maps ! 1

There are many times, when a Game Master need some extra material, which is not included in the sourcebooks he has. Maybe he needs a complete village as a setting

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4E AP: Osirion Session #6 (The Rescue) 0

Our sixth session saw my four core players all present for the first time in a month and we even had a guest player take control of our sometimes companion NPC, Rakash. Session Summary Our story picked up with the morning after Amaruq & Dashki’s return. The reunited group headed in to Kelmarane, stopping to see Undrella to pick up the poison Hoam had arranged …

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4E AP: Osirion Session #5 (First Contact) 0

The fifth session marked a bit of a change, format-wise because rather than pushing the hereto missing player’s character in to the background by having him wait at the camp, I created a simplified NPC version of him (following the guidelines in the DMG2) for the characters to take along. We did this for two reasons: The first was to preserve the possibility, for now, for…

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