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Dragon Age RPG Set 3 Open Playtest is started!

  Yesterday Green Ronin Publishing opened the gates for the open playtest of the Dragon Age RPG Set 3. With the new set (which was announced back in January) players could advance their characters from level 11 up to level 20, but the book offers much more than that.   Both Set 1 and Set 2 was a… Read More »

Review – Mutants & Masterminds Power Profiles 1-4

  In January Green Ronin announced their plans for 2012, including the release of the new Power Profile series for Mutants & Masterminds. In each issue of the series Steve Kenson takes a look at different superhero power-themes, and offer several useful advices and examples to players and Game Masters. These short supplement are available in a cheap… Read More »

M&M Emerald City Knights Chapter 4: Sea Change has been released

  On 9th of February Green Ronin released the 4th chapter of Emerald City Knights: Sea Change. In this part of the adventure the heroes face the villain Commander and his stormers, and they are getting closer to the secret of the Silver Storm. However they know that the villain they face cannot be the real Commander, because… Read More »

News from Green Ronin! Their plan for 2012.

  Yesterday Chris Pramas posted an extensive article on greenronin.com about their plans for 2012. I have to say, the future is bright! They have many plans, and I think every fan of their existing product lines will get something great. There is a lots of things to look at : Dragon Age, Adventure Game Engine, a new… Read More »

Mutants & Masterminds Threat Report #51: The Atom Family – Heroes in Threat Report ?

  It’s caused me a great deal of surprise, that last week Green Ronin published Mutants & Masterminds Threat Report #51: The Atom Family.   It’s definetly a change from what you would expect from the series. Why ? Because Threat Report series is about villains and vigilantes a player group may face, and are thought to be… Read More »

Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition Gamemaster’s Kit Unboxing

This was a great weekend when my wife came home from a trip to the postoffice with my Green Ronin ‘s Mutants & Masterminds (M&M) 3rd Edition Gamemaster’s Kit . I ordered this thing so long ago that I had all but forgotten about it. I pulled out my camera and took some quick photos of the items enclosed in the box…

Free Stuff Friday: DC Adventures Hero’s Handbook Errata

Tweet This week’s Free Stuff is : DC Adventures Hero’s Handbook Errata Did you know that Green Ronin released Errata for the DC Adventures Hero’s Handbook? They did! Best of all it’s FREE! On The Green Ronin Website They Wrote This Stuff up: The DC Adventures Hero’s Handbook errata file is now available! Got to love it. Short and sweet. So get your copy of …

DC Adventures Hero’s Handbook

DC Adventures Hero’s Handbook is the newest super-hero role-playing game made by Green Ronin. It is not only the first in a new line of games that uses the DC Comics setting and characters, but it also introduces us to the new third edition of GR’s beloved Mutants & Masterminds system. The DCA Hero’s Handbook is the first in a set of four books that use …

Free Stuff Friday: DC Adventures Quick Start PDF

This week’s Free Stuff is : DC Adventures Quick Start PDF . Continuing with my Free Stuff Friday DC Adventures Character Sheet from last week, Green Ronin Publishing just released a quick start PDF for the new DA Adventures role playing game . How crazy awesome is that! You can try out the game for FREE before you buy it! That sounds like a company …