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MMO Games are at a low price in STEAM

In this and the next week, a you can buy lot of games at a low price in the STEAM network (what is STEAM?). On the MMORPG list are Aion, Star Trek Online, Lineage, Lineage II, Guild Wars, Champions Online, Global Agenda, and Star Wars Galaxies. Watch out for some more games, because the low priced games change… Read More »

Guild Wars 2 information

Guild Wars is 5 years old, and the sequel is under development at the moment. For the fifth anniversary, the designers posted some content on the Guild Wars 2 website.: The Elementarist class Combat elements, and changes from GW1 RPGz.org

There is a war in Kryta…

War in Kryta will put players in the middle of a struggle between the oppressive White Mantle zealots and the Shining Blade rebels in order to decide the fate of Kryta. The GW events like this tells the story which will lay the foundation for Guild Wars 2. “Within the war, players help the Shining Blade rebels oppose… Read More »

Guild Wars : some Wintersday Arts

Now RpgZ.org presents you some Fantasy Media. At www.guildwars.com the winners for the 2009 Wintersday Art Contest have been announced. Hundreds of talented players from around the world accepted the invitation and created some seriously striking seasonal art — everything from 2D art, 3D art, pencil sketches, paintings, even 3D models. The top three winners will receive the… Read More »