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Retrospective – A year of gaming with kids (part 3) 0

We’ve reached the third and last installment of my end-of-year review and reflection of the after-school club’s activities.  In this part I’ll talk a little about the observations I’ve made about the play of the various groups and list out the games I’m planning on introducing next year. Different games = different…

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Preordered Pelgrane Press’s Ashen Stars 0

Okay, so I’m a sucker for just about anything Pelgrane puts out, especially when it comes to Gumshoe, but of all the games have proven to be worth the price so I decided to preorder Ashen Stars . I’m definitely planning on using this next school year with the the after-school club, but maybe I’ll even get my home group…

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Mutant City Blues 0

Imagine watching your favorite episode of CSI Miami . Now imagine yourself watching that same episode featuring the X-Men and you’ll have the basis of Mutant City Blues from Pelgrane Press and legendary author Robin D Laws. You take the role of a super detective in Mutant City using your powers to solve crimes normal detectives can’t. Mutant City Blues stresses the detective work over the action using…

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