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Tag "hindsight"

It’s Reality, Jim, but not As We Know It: St Barbara 0

Two of the most important skills that I added to the Hero System when I was writing my House Rules for my Champions campaign were Paranormal Physics and Paranormal Biology . The first explains how powers work using game physics – and therefore can also be used to determine potentials that the character had not thought of, and training methods to bring them out. It can also be…

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Life, Death, and Life Renewed – March 2011 Blog Carnival 0

I’ve put the “Reinventing Pulp” series on hold for a week in order to do a short article for this month’s Blog Carnival, which is all about life and death in RPGs. The series will return next week. One of the problems with a campaign that spans multiple game systems is that there are parts of the rules systems that …

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Jolting The Status Quo 0

I created two illustrations for this article and couldn’t decide which one to use. So I’ve used both. Life’s full of surprises. Some are pleasant; others challenge us, and may even seem overwhelming. Take me, for example: I’ve been living in the same rented unit for the last 20 years or so. Last week, I was sent a termination of lease by the landlord; …

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