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4E AP: Osirion Session #4 (The Desecrated Shrine) 0

Here’s the AP report from the fourth session of our ongoing 4E D&D campaign. Session Summary A few nights after reclaiming the monastery the group had finally recuperated enough to move forward with the next phase of their mission. Almah’s major domo, in the mean time, I spent the days watching Kelmarane through his spyglass and sketching the village’s layout. With…

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4E AP: Osirion Session #1 (Murder & Mayhem) 0

Rather than writing blow-by-blow descriptions of each session from my new Osirion 4E campaign, I’m going to just provide a brief summary of what happened along with a more detailed DM’s commentary since I find trying to recount every action & decision kind of tedious to write about. Our first session was two players short which was…

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