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(Call of) Cthulhu meets Old Spice

Are we DMs really that weird?

Tweet Yesterday, my friend Christian Kennig , sent me the link to this excerpt from the documentary film “The Dungeon Masters”. Do you think your dice need punishing, too?

The Role Playing Game Museum…

Tweet The idea of a museum dedicated to role playing games sounds intriguing. I had never even considered the idea until I found this website, The Museum of Role Playing Games . The idea, while farfetched, woud be awesome! The collection at this virtual museum is far from extensive, but this is obviously a labor of love and shows great dedication. …

For all your Star Wars fans out there …

Tweet This video is not really RPG-related but too awesome not to be shared! Enjoy!

Lazy Friday Video Post: “John Madden: Dungeon Master”

Tweet I am probably not as familiar with the exploits of John Madden as some of my American readers, but I found this video funny nevertheless. Please enjoy! By the way, have you ever had to deal with a “replacement dungeon master” and things got wrong? If so, please tell us about it in the comments below!

What’s in a name?

I’ll admit it, naming non-player characters and places in role playing game is HARD! If you are not careful you’ll end up with names your players will make fun of for years to come. The noble and serious NPCs that will be the key to the plot will not be remembered for his generosity or secret knowledge, but for being called…

Web Clip Wednesday: Oh, Ray Bradbury

This was a pretty big geeky hit last week and for those of you that missed it. It’s another music video and that is not kid or work safe. So you have been warned. F*ck Me, Ray Bradbury – watch more funny videos

Wil Wheaton’s talk at GenCon 2010

I’ve seen a few links around the RPG blogs but the talk deserves more attention. I can completely identify with most of his experiences, especially his recollections from what it was like playing D&D when I was a kid. Part 1 Part 2 You can find the links to the rest of the parts of the talk on youtube here .

So what about a Book Club?

Those of you that follow me on Twitter (and if you are interested you can find me as @sunglar, but be forewarned I do ramble on) will know that besides RPGs I work way too much, been called a workaholic, and literature. Currently I’m participating in the second book club I’ve belonged to and loving every minute of it. I think books clubs …

Electronic Tools for Gaming – The iPhone

I’ll admit it, I was a holdover. I didn’t make the switch to an iPhone until last winter. Before that I had an ancient Palm Treo that worked perfectly well for years. I used it to browse the internet, and on it I planned many adventures and campaigns. I had used an iPhone and loved it so when I had the chance to end my old mobile phone contract …

Gen Con: The Race!

Fellow RPG blogger Jeff Uurtamo recorded this video this morning, when the Exhibit Hall has been opened for the public. It’s something I had to share with you guys! It’s hilarious, isn’t it?

Character Death, woe or wow?

Last night I played a particularly long session of my weekly Pathfinder RPG game. During this game I killed a player character. Well that’s not quiet accurate. I wasn’t gunning out for him; it was a mixture of chance and strategy.  Scar, the half-orc dragon blooded sorcerer rolled a 1 on his saving throw and died from the maximized Acid Ball (the enemy wizard’s version of Fireball). This …

For the little geek in everyone: Legos for adults

This is a short and very cool TED talk.

My Orcus & Me!

Today I got my Orcus, Prince of Undeath Gargantuan Figure. I was so excited to get the news that my FLGS had received it that I spent all day daydreaming about it. To the points where I remembered an old toy commercial from the late 80s for a doll for boys, My Buddy, and spent the whole day singing my version of it on my head. My …

They Might Be Gazebos has it’s own place

That’s right, I’ve broken down and just plain moved it’s own domain. It’s not that there’s been that much traffic over there but I figure it’s a great incentive for post more over there. It’s still pretty much going to be the same plus as time permits I’m going try a few bits of experimental

Does the GM Screen deserve to go the way of the Dodo?

I always tell myself I’m not going to buy it. But I always do and I’m consistently underwhelmed or outright disappointed! There was a time when I had a use for Game Master Screens. They offered cardboard-based defense technology from the prying eyes of my players as well as tactical displays of essential information. When I played AD&D and AD&D 2 nd edition …

Lazy Friday Video Post: Roleplaying

Enjoy some “Roleplaying” Family Guy style! It’s pretty Safe For Work, so don’t worry and have fun!