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Gaming with Kids: A High School Fiasco (the Apple Valley High Session) 0

I’ve run three games of Fiasco over the past three weeks at the after-school club, each of them a big hit with the high school students, so much so that we’ve actually had drop in players based on word of mouth. This is a summary of the second game which was a playtest of a young adult specific play…

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On my “to read” list 0

The Christmas holidays are rapidly approaching and that means I’ll have some more time to read. This year I’m going to focus on reading books that will help improve me as both a player and a GM, particularly on my ability to work with others at the table to tell a satisfying story rather than trying to pre-plan the story & …

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The games I played at IndieCon – Session #2 0

My second game was an impromptu one: I couldn’t find an available slot in the second session and so coming off the awesome Fiasco game I played in during session #1, I decided to facilitate a game of it myself. Declan played in this game as well. Session #2 –  Fiasco We ended up with five players at the table once again. This time the group chose…

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Dealing with Problem Players 0

One of the things which has been on my mind recently is the issue of dealing with problem players. My weekend group has recently shrunk in size due to a lack of shared vision leading to a horrible rift in the group. What follows is a collection of my thoughts on the issue. The events at my gaming table have left me …

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