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Mount & Blade: Fire and Sword Preview 0

I just had the chance to go up a few levels in the newest addition to the Mount & Blade franchise: Fire and Sword.  It was exactly what I was expecting and that’s a damned good thing! It works much like the original Mount & Blade games but with the addition of firearms.  This has been done…

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PAX East in review – my side of the table 0

PAX East has come and gone.  Throughout the entire convention we only managed to get out one extremely small podcast .  Why?  Because we were having too damned much fun, that’s why!  Here’s our first in a series of PAX East related posts. Today I’m going to highlight my experiences at PAX East, touch on the games we played, the people…

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Add to your Blogroll: The Hopeless Gamer 0

One of my favorite RPG Blogs to read, The Hopeless Gamer , is currently running a contest until next Friday, October 29th.  I thought I’d help spread the word, both to give our readers a shot at his PDF prizes and to infuse a little hope into the Hopeless Gamers with some exposure for their blog. Just in time for Halloweeen, they are giving out PDFs of …

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