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InSpectres movie teaser

I’m really curious to see what the final film will be like. In case you’ve never heard of InSpectres , you can read my review .

Review – The Dresden Files RPG, Volume 1: Your Story

The Dresden Files RPG is the latest offering from Evil Hat Productions . Based on their popular, award-winning  FATE system , it represents a culmination of many years of effort – the game has been five years in development, and the extremely popular Spirit of the Century was something of a dry run for this game. It is obviously based on the popular Dresden Files line of novels by Jim Butcher…

Dresden Files RPG – My first impressions

I’ve just now gotten around to reading the PDFs I received when I pre-ordered (the actual books are now shipping) and having read just the first three chapters I have just one word: Brilliant! I’ll have a full review sometime this summer, but if you’re into the Dresden Files books or FATE in general, I can already say that you’ll love

First look at the cover art for Kidz RPG

Here’s the artwork that will grace the cover of my Kidz RPG.