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Iron Age FRP Mini Review + Discount Link !

Iron Age is a game I mentioned back in a previous post, and the author has set his sight on a determined path of constant updating and bettering of his book. This tabletop rpg is set around 1st BC, or 727 Roman. Though the historical based game is based in Europe, the races you can play still may… Read More »

Played “A Penny for my Thoughts” with the after-school club

Today we tried out Paul Tevis’s A Penny for My Thoughts at the gaming club and the students really liked it. The game was a little slow getting started, and like many of these games I had to act as both a player and facilitator to demonstrate and model how the storytelling process worked, but the players all picked it up reasonably fast. The biggest challenge was…

NightSky Review

Once in a while you have a need for a game to entertain you for an hour or two. If I’m travelling and I have few hours extra time, I am usually too tired to focus on heavier games be it strategy or rpgs. I don’t know about you, but in my opinion, casual games

Old School Podcast: Amaranthine Interview with David Hill

Last week, I heard about a new project on Kickstarter called Amaranthine . I checked it out and was intrigued. Imagine a group of immortals that are continually reborn into new bodies. As they live their lives, flashes of the previous lives are unlocked when they bump into others of their kind. Think Highlander but with a hefty dose of memory loss (also, without…

The free PIE RPG.

Something about this RPG is making me hungry… The internet is a pretty spectacular thing, but I can’t say I’d ever imagine it would bring me an RPG based on pie charts.  It just goes to show that the gaming market is far from tapped out.  There are a million ways to game and a million more are fast approaching. PIE is a…