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6Quest on Kickstarter!

  6Quest, the popular Hungarian interactive fiction game is being translated to English – provided it reaches its Kickstarter goal. 6Quest is a collection of online fantasy gamebooks taking place in the shattered world of Felorian. The players assume the role of Arkhons, extradimensional entities who are trying to collect pieces of forgotten memory from the history the… Read More »

6Quest – A choose-your-own-adventure style fantasy game

We are a hungarian team who have been playing and developing role playing games for years. Currently we are working on recreating one of the things that started us on the road of becoming role playing fans – fantasy gamebooks. We wanted to make something that was true to the game’s origins, but also uses the opportunities provided… Read More »

On interactive fiction

Interactive fiction has been around a looooong time.  I’m just getting into it now, but I thought I’d write about how cool it is.  I know, I’m a tad late to the party. If you’ve never played interactive fiction, let me put it to you this way: you type commands or click on things, and it changes the setting you are in …