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Review – RPG Combat Tracker 0

  Last week we received some promo codes from Marco Antônio Pompei for the nice little iPad application : RPG Combat Tracker. This little software is supposed to help Game

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Ticket to Ride iPad Review 0

On May 19th, 2011 Days of Wonder released Ticket to Ride for the iPad. As a longtime Ticket to Ride fan I have been using it for nearly a month and have been generally pleased with my purchase. First, the App is a recommended buy. I love Ticket to Ride and enjoy playing it on the iPad. Unfortunately, you have to either play Solo or…

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iPad Review (part 2) 0

After completing the first part of my review I realized I ought to at least provide a basic review of the day-to-day functions of the iPad before talking about RPG uses specifically. Thus, I’ve pushed that topic to part 3 and today I’ll talk specifically about the ordinary functions of the iPad along with my experiences with some of the peripherals. Let’s get…

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iPad Review (part 1) 0

There are about a thousand iPad reviews out already so why am I doing one? Probably because one of the reasons I bought mine was to use it at the game table. Thus, this multi-part review is going to focus on its use for RPGs although I can’t help but talk about it as a whole. What I’m not going to do is explain the …

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Testing out the WordPress for iPad App 0

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I bought myself an iPad and have been giving it a full workout, both for regular use and also at the game table. One of the things out I’d like to use the iPad for is posting to my blog while out of town and so I downloaded the Wordpress app (which is free). It&#…

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The iPad and RPGs: First impressions 0

My iPad showed up today (the release date here in Europe was May 28th) and I’ve had a couple of hours to play around with it. My first impression?  Awesome. Aside from using it for surfing the net – which is nice but takes a bit getting used to – I tried out a TV show (awesome) and the Marvel Comic reader which is pretty stunning as well. …

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