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Geek Seekers – A Kickstarter campaign by Jen Page and Monte Cook!

  Two well-known uber-geeks, Jen Page and Monte Cook are ready to take a perilous journey to look after things like aliens, ghosts, bigfoot and the Ogopogo. They also want to film what they find, and produce a web series about it. It will be : Geek Seekers – A Web Series About Geeking the Unknown    … Read More »

Near Boston? Attend StrowlerCon (a Steampunk event) to have an awesome time and help out our friends at Dead Gentlemen Productions!

I just got this press release from the fine folks at Dead Gentlemen Productions , who you may know from our site . They’ve done some fine work with the Gamers series and other productions.  They have a new Steampunk based production coming out called “Strowlers” – which I look forward to seeing!  StrowlerCon will take place over Columbus Day weekend. Are you …