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I Hate you Jim Butcher – a Love Letter 0

Unless you’ve been purposely avoiding bookstores,, your library or anyone who pretends to read, even with the book upside down, you’ve heard of Jim Butcher .  That guy who writes about that other guy. The magic one.  Who’s funny and gritty and kicks faerie ass. It’s hard boiled, psuedo-noir detective meets modern urban fantasy.  And…

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Review – Dresden Files RPG: Our World (vol. 2) 0

The second volume in the two Dresden Files RPG books released by Evil Hat , Our World features an incredibly detailed overview of the world, creatures, and characters featured in the Dresden Files universe as established by the series of novels. The authors (and specifically Chad Underkoffler) clearly put in an exhaustive amount of research in detailing every notable character (these are likely to…

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