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KantCon 2011 – Enter the Jabbergluck 0

Any of you that have been around the site for a while will know that I had a great time starting my convention-going career last year. One of the high points was my attendance of KantCon 2010 in Overland Park, Kansas. You can find my coverage of it here . Well, it’s time for KantCon again (as well as a bevy of other gaming conventions )…

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Prepping for a Convention Game, Pt 2 0

Yesterday, I wrote the first part of this article . I talked about the games and I prepped for KantCon, and what made them easier or hard to get ready. Today, I’m going to work those ideas down into some general tips for getting a convention game ready to go. Be Aware of Your Time Budget At most conventions, unless you’re running…

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KantCon 2010 – Actual Play Sessions 0

As promised, I now have the link to the Actual Play sessions from KantCon 2010. There weren’t as many as I had originally thought (I estimated somwhere between 30 and 40), but we did clock in with a very solid 20 sessions. A few of the sessions that did take place did not get a good audio capture, for one reason or another, so you’re not …

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KantCon 2010 – Retrospective 0

If you’ve spent any time on TC in the last few weeks, then you are probably aware that I spent some time in Kansas City this past weekend. The reason for this trip was KantCon . KantCon is a convention by gamers, for gamers. If you missed Ben’s interview with KantCon founder, Ethan Parker of The Gamer’s Haven , then you can find it here . That interview cover’…

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