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My 2011 Gaming Resolutions 0

I’m a few days late since I was on vacation through the holidays, but better late than never. Here are my 2011 game-related resolutions: Continuing playing RPGs on a weekly basis – we get to play nearly every Sunday now, up from once per month just a couple years ago, and I’d like to keep that going so …

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Another piece of art for Kidz 0

Check this out. Art from my upcoming Kidz RPG

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Planning for IndieCon 2010 0

I’m all set to go to IndieCon 2010 which will be taking place November 4-7th in Dorset, UK. I had a blast at last year’s convention and am really looking forward to this year as well. I’m already planning on what games I’ll be running – I definitely will run a demo session (maybe two) of my soon-to-be-released …

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First look at the cover art for Kidz RPG 0

Here’s the artwork that will grace the cover of my Kidz RPG.

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