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My 2011 Gaming Resolutions

I’m a few days late since I was on vacation through the holidays, but better late than never. Here are my 2011 game-related resolutions: Continuing playing RPGs on a weekly basis – we get to play nearly every Sunday now, up from once per month just a couple years ago, and I’d like to keep that going so …

Another piece of art for Kidz

Check this out. Art from my upcoming Kidz RPG

Planning for IndieCon 2010

I’m all set to go to IndieCon 2010 which will be taking place November 4-7th in Dorset, UK. I had a blast at last year’s convention and am really looking forward to this year as well. I’m already planning on what games I’ll be running – I definitely will run a demo session (maybe two) of my soon-to-be-released …

First look at the cover art for Kidz RPG

Here’s the artwork that will grace the cover of my Kidz RPG.