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Preparing for Pathfinder: Geography [Game] 0

Tonight I’ll be running our third session of Pathfinder.  The last two have been very well received, and my players have continued to exceed my expectations.  Rather than slaughter the goblins they discovered squatting in an abandoned farmhouse they fed the starving family and managed to glean some useful intelligence.  Thus far they have not entered into combat, but …

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“The Church has moved on.” 0

No, I’m not referring to Pope Benedict XVI and the Catholic Church.  Rather, I’m referring to a recent episode of Doctor Who (“ The Time of Angels “) in which the Doctor and Amy Pond encounter River Song and Father Octavian.  River Song should be familiar to those who watched Series 4, but Father Octavian is a new face.  The Church, of course, is radically different …

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