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Retrospective – A year of gaming with kids (part 3) 0

We’ve reached the third and last installment of my end-of-year review and reflection of the after-school club’s activities.  In this part I’ll talk a little about the observations I’ve made about the play of the various groups and list out the games I’m planning on introducing next year. Different games = different…

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Review: Lady Blackbird – Tales from the Wild Blue Yonder 0

Lady Blackbird is an award-winning, free RPG written and illustrated by John Harper. The 15-page PDF is an all-in-one RPG which consists of the rules, setting, characters and situation for a complete gaming experience typically lasting for one to two sessions. The scenario is set in a very evocative steampunk/sci-fi setting that is clearly influenced…

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Retrospect nominated for a Golden Geek Award 0

Much to my surprise, my winning entry to RPG Geek’s 24-hour RPG contest was nominated for a Golden Geek Award in the Best Free RPG category. That’s really cool, especially considering I didn’t submit the nomination. ;o)  Now, looking at the list it’s clear that Lady Blackbird should win the category in my opinion but I can’t help but…

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