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Review: Emerald Empire 0

It’s good to dust off old books and give them a new shine sometimes and that’s what Alderac has done — they first came out with a source book called Emerald Empire for the 3rd edition of Legend of the Five Rings RPG in 2008. It has stayed popular in the ensuing years, so when the new 4th edition of L5R came out, well of…

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Enemies of the Empire – A Review 0

The fine folks at Alderac Entertainment Group sent me a review copy of their newest L5R rpg book – Enemies of the Empire . It is a combination monster manual, history book and GM resource. And, somehow more than all of those things, too. As with the first book of the new 4th edition , it is beautiful. These people really know their …

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Review: Enemies of the Empire 0

I have a philosophy about RPGs, and that philosophy is, for a game to feel “right,” it needs three things:  a set of core rules, at least one book devoted to antagonists and at least one book devoted to “toys;” additional character options, tools, spells and so on. Enemies of the Empire is the antagonist book for Legend of the Five Rings…

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Review: Legend of the Five Rings 4th Edition 0

The latest edition of the RPG Legend of the Five Rings is out and, being one of the few major RPGs that I’ve never owned, I decided to finally take the plunge and get it. The pretty artwork didn’t hurt, either. The book itself is a massive 400 page full-color hardback tome.  The margins are rather wide, but rather than detract from the book, it actually makes …

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[meta] Legend of the Five Rings 4th Edition RPG 0

A few weeks ago, out of the blue, I got an email from Alderac Entertainment Group. Their new edition of the Legend of the Five Rings RPG was out and they asked if I wanted to review the book. I jumped at the chance! After spending over two years in Cauldron and then the last half year in The Black , I’m eager to visit…

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Legend of the Five Rings : The Harbringer 0

Legend of the Five Rings releases The Harbinger this January, and with it come many environment changing cards and strategies. TCGplayer will have previews leading up to the release of

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