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A Meeting in the Bends – New Pathfinder Fiction (from my campaign setting) 0

Original Image for Scavengers logo by: zen zen Sutherland A few weeks ago, I told you guys about Joseph Devon, an author friend of mine . Well, I have introduced him to the dark and inescapable time sink that is playing RPGs. We had our first session of  a new Pathfinder campaign on Sunday and he was inspired by what we did. So inspired, in fact, that …

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I’m going to RavenCon! 0

This weekend I’m headed to RavenCon , and I am stoked to be going back for my second year of this local Richmond, Va gathering of writers and writer fans of all genres nerdy, focusing largely on Fantasy, Sci-fi, Horror, and Mystery. In addition to meeting up with great folks met at last year’s convention, this year I’ve done my best to…

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Convention Report: MarsCon 2011 0

I’ve had the misfortune of not getting around to much in the way of gaming lately.  I started a new job which changed my schedule pretty dramatically.  I run and play in a few play by post games, but my in person games went on hiatus for a while and are only now starting back to their…

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The Very Best of Troll in the Corner Vol. 2 available at DriveThruRPG 0

The Very Best of Troll in the Corner Vol. 2 Here you’ll find a collection of the best 10 articles we’ve featured over the past six months on our site. We’re gamers. We love RPGs, board games, video games, CCGs, dice games; games where you juggle live hedgehogs. You name it, we love it. We’re figuring you do…

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Troll’s Guide to Gifting Geeks for under $20 0

I get it.  Like nights in Arabia of old, there are 1001 shopping guides out there this holiday season that focus on squeezing the last dollar bill out of your pocket in the name of saving a buck to purchase that thing you never thought you needed until now.  This list is a little different.  There will be no iPods….

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I Hate you Jim Butcher – a Love Letter 0

Unless you’ve been purposely avoiding bookstores,, your library or anyone who pretends to read, even with the book upside down, you’ve heard of Jim Butcher .  That guy who writes about that other guy. The magic one.  Who’s funny and gritty and kicks faerie ass. It’s hard boiled, psuedo-noir detective meets modern urban fantasy.  And…

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