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New D&D Map Pack : Haunted Temples release today! 0

Today Wizards of the Coast releases their first foldout battle maps in their new Map Pack series: Haunted Temples. Providing high-quality maps, the new release is compatible with all Dungeons

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A new free map : Hillside Tavern ! 0

  There is a new free map available on RPGNow, Hillside Tavern. It’s released as the first volume of RedBrick‘s DramaScape series, and it’s available for free until end of

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Quick Review – Aihrde: Cradle of the World Map 0

The Aihrde: Cradle of the World Map published by Troll Lord Games is a beautifully rendered map generated for the Castles & Crusades world, but great for any campaign, or just to look at yearningly.  Seriously, this is one very nice looking map – suitable for hanging on a wall, laminating on top of your gaming table or any other number of …

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Basic Fantasy Map Tutorial 0

Every roleplayer sooner or later finds him/herself in a situation that he wants to create his own fantasy map. Some of us are talented with the pencil while others are not. Endless Bag Of Games shows you a simple way to create fantasy maps with Photoshop and brushes. This tutorial is for the ones who

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