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Mass Combat with D&D 4e – The War at Large 0

In my previous article , I talked about using military formations to create the epic feel of high level heroes taking on hundreds of regular soldiers.  That’s good for a single encounter, but not for much more.  Now I want to talk about epic pitched battles over vast terrain. It’s time to go to war! War in the D&D universe is …

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Mass Combat with D&D 4e – Formations as Swarms 0

D&D is primarily a skirmish game, as far as combat is concerned, well suited to about five combatants per side.  That said, giant armies clashing is a staple of fantasy.  Unfortunately, playing out giant army battles in a skirmish game, will quickly go from high paced action into tedium on par with filing taxes, and the emotional enthusiasm of a soulless bingo parlor filled with…

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