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The Con Job – Troll in the Corner Goes to the Conventions 0

Some of us here at Troll in the Corner are going to be at a few gaming conventions in the near future.  Here’s what’s going on! First, I’ll be at Total Confusion XXV as an industry guest, GM, player and all around gawking tourist come this Friday, February 25th!  Among other things, I’ll be running two Aruneus sessions (PFRPG) and also hosting a massive Talisman…

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Mi Gato se Incendia physical prototype arrives! Also, the first review! 0

I just got home and found a surprise package sitting in my drive way. Mi Gato se Incendia! has arrived!  The physical prototype, created by The Game Crafters is here, and it looks amazing!  I’ll be bringing this with me to Total Confusion XXV and Pax EAST to run a few games.  I cannot wait to try this game out with a harder, larger…

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Mi Gato se Incendia! (My Cat is on Fire!) A new board game by Benjamin Gerber 0

Six years ago I started playing around with a neat board game idea. It was based around cats.  And fire.  More specifically, it was based around a cat on fire.  As morbid as this may sound, I assure you, no cats were harmed in the making of this game.  I love cats. I own four.  But I also know…

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