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Creature Caster: Epic Miniatures

Miniatures, one of the rather controversial topics in tabletop. Between player to player some find they are useful, some find them pointless, and others find a balance. Though when 4E initially came out many gamers were upset that it felt like an MMO rather than a tabletop game, many upset at the focus on miniatures, and others were… Read More »

Project: Future Perfect (Press Release)

­ On Monday, February 6th, BareHanded-Games.com will launch it’s site. BareHanded­-Games.com will also be debuting the nearly full range of Digital Sculpts for the Global Police Force (GPF) Faction. This is Project: Future Perfect (PFP), a gritty post apocalyptic miniature battle game. The GPF is an order of cybernetically enhanced peacekeepers tasked with the responsibility of keeping humanity… Read More »

Pathfinder Beginner Box Heroes released !

WizKids released the Pathfinder Beginner Box Heroes product yesterday, launching the new Pathfinder Battles product line, announced earlier this year.This is a great addition to Paizo’s Pathfinder Beginner Box, providing players with four plastic figures about the pre-generated characters in that product. The Pathfinder Beginner Box Heroes includes four  prepainted plastic miniatures for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying… Read More »

Silver Fox Crosses Minis with Settlers of Catan

Silver Fox Productions’ subsidiary RAFM presents officially licensed miniatures to replace your wooden bits for Settlers of Catan. Unless I’m mistaken, pictured is a few settlements and cities, roads, and a robber. Minis come in Vikings, Chinese, Egyptian, or Bavarian flavors (tasty [1]). [1] Yeah, you probably shouldn’t eat them.

GW Restricts European Retailers; Hasbro Moves Jobs Out of MA

Games Workshop is raising prices (again) by as much as 20-25% on 270 products. They have also ordered that retailers in Europe may not sell products to customers outside of Europe, in order (they say) to boost the revenues of local stores that provide free services. ( source ) Not everyone is happy . GW’s profits, revenues, and shares are all …

Pathfinder Prepainted Plastic

Paizo and WizKids have announced that they will produce a (non-random) set of prepainted plastic miniatures to go along with the Pathfinder RPG Beginner Box . While sold separately, the set is specifically designed as an accessory to the introductory Pathfinder RPG product. On the other hand, I know at least a few D&D players who are hoping that Paizo and WizKids will extend the line, to…

Hail Caesar

In 2009, famed Warhammer co-designer Rick Priestly left Games Workshop to join Warlord Games. Warlord produces their own rules and minis, and also sells rules and minis from other companies. Rick’s first book for Warlord (with Jervis Johnson – who also worked on Warhammer as well as Blood Bowl – and John Stallard – also of Warhammer fame) was Black…

Game Bandit — Fat Edition

For 20% off a single order of Fat Dragon Games’ products at DriveThruRPG , use coupon code “FatMayJune11″. Mona Saves blog is giving away two copies of ThinkFun’s Snack Attack! Typical like/follow/tweet/comment rules to enter. Follow and retweet Eagle Games for a chance to win Railways of the World: The Card Game . Dice Hate Me is celebrating an anniversary …

Infinity Tokens From Litko

The latest from miniatures accessory maker, Litko, are markers for the futuristic skirmish game Infinity . These markers aren’t authorized by the game’s publisher. They’re also not as good looking as some markers we covered earlier from Litko , but they’re functional, I guess.

Sci-Fi Miniatures Accessories From CorSec

CorSec Engineering has produced some neat accessories for sci-fi miniatures games. The latest are status tokens for BattleTech and acrylic planets . The tokens are just rectangular or triangular plastic pieces with the words, “prone”, “jump”, “pilot check”, etc. on them. Not exciting, but useful, I guess. The planets are spheres that come with mounting rods and bases, and are available in sizes of 1.5 to 4 inches.

Osama bin Laden’s Compound in 1/285th Scale (6mm)

This was already up a few days ago; in any case, rather quickly. From Game Craft Miniatures for only $35. Combine this with Barbie dolls to create the jihadist edition of Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman. I’m on Youtube clicking refresh. ( source )

How to Succeed or Fail on Kickstarter

I post a compilation of Kickstarter [1] tabletop game projects (RPG, board, card) on Purple Pawn each week. I’ve been tracking tabletop game projects on KS pretty much since there have been tabletop game projects on KS. Something like half of KS tabletop game projects get funded. Why? What are they doing right? What did the ones that fail do…

Random thoughts about RPC (Role Play Convention)

Yesterday I went to RPC , my third trip in the past three years. My first year I stumbled upon a booth selling a lot of original TSR box sets and modules and I went a bit nuts . Since then I’ve gone back each year, in search of some cool deals and just to see what’s going on. The con is…

It’s Passover and I’m Clearing Out My Browser Tabs Roundup

NECA has bought Icarus Studios , which is designing an online version of HeroClix. ( source ) The long-running Scrabble News abandoned its print and paper offering and is now online-only. ( source ) Game Briefs Commander-in-Chief from X Plus Products is a Chess variant. $40. Coffee Talk from Pressman Toys is a game of generating associated ideas based on a single idea. Scoring like…

April Kickstarter Game Projects 2

A scant 9 days after our last post and things are really hopping on Kickstarter. Furthermore, the site is starting to be used by larger, experienced, traditional designers and publishers, and not only first-timers. A show of hands: if projects keep getting added at this pace, how many readers want this roundup to be weekly? Here are new projects since the last post : Project Description Required …

Game Bandit—Miniature Giveaways Edition

Catalyst Game Labs will be giving away Leviathans miniatures before the game is released. The contest has three categories: best web presentation, best real-life presentation, and best game component. Fantasy Flight Games is running a miniatures painting contest, using Battles of Westeros figures. The winner will receive one copy of every Battles of Westeros game and expansion. For 25% …

Starmada: Fleet Ops

Starmada is a set of spaceship combat rules that can be used on its own as a miniatures battle game or as a specialized subsystem for an RPG or other game. The core rules can be found in Starmada: The Admiralty Edition . The new Starmada: Fleet Ops book contains streamlined rules for constructing and engaging large fleets. Among the new concepts introduced

Game Bandit—Memories of Play Edition

The Strong National Museum of Play is collecting video recollections of playing with friends. The top videos, as chosen by a panel of experts and by public voting, will win Flip video cameras and Amazon gift certificates. Starlit Citadel of Canada , and a Purple Pawn advertiser, is running a 4th Anniversary Sale with discounts of up to 70%. For 20% off at…

Penn’s Year of Games

As millions of students eagerly await word on their college applications, those hoping for acceptance to the University of Pennsylvania now have an extra reason for excitement. Penn (my alma mater) has declared the 2011-2012 school year to be the Year of Games: Body and Mind . As part of the Penn Reading Project, all incoming freshmen will be sent a copy of Jane McGonigal’s book, Reality is Broken , and …

Knizia Co-op Star Trek Game from WizKids

Star Trek Expeditions will be a new cooperative game by Reiner Knizia forthcoming from WizKids. The game is based on the series’ restart movie. Includes Star Trek Heroclix (natch), and is for 1-4 players. Due mid-June. Details . ( source )