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Name Change at Reaper

Reaper Miniatures is changing its name to Hobby-Q . Reaper will remain a brand of the company for hobby metal miniatures. But the company says that the new name will help it market its other products, such as Master Series Paints , Asylum prepainted plastic miniatures, and CollectA Figurines to confused consumers and skittish retailers, such as “mainstream hobby stores” and museum shops.

Game Bandit—Toy Edition

Send Hasbro your receipt for the purchase of $20 or more in Hasbro toys or games and they’ll send you a toy of your choosing worth $10. HasbroToyShop.com is also running a significant sale on Cuponk , CirKis , Candy Land , and Sorry . All Triple Ace Games’ products are 20% off at DriveThruRPG through January 9th. Dungeon Trader has a 45% off clearance sale on Warmachine and Hordes . Lock &#…

$1,000 Game Design Prize

Daniel Solis, someone we’ve mentioned here before for his story-telling game, Happy Birthday Robot , can’t seem to get game design off his mind. In his own words: I love designing all sorts of games, from storytelling games to abstract strategy board games to physical playground games. I do it because I like the process of getting inspired, experimenting, testing and revising. I like…

Game Bandit—You’re the Star of This Edition

Atamaii is holding a 30% off sale on various toys and games, including Bakugan . The ZeroFortitude Podcast is giving away a copy of the Hellas RPG . Use the coupon code “holidaze” for 50% off online orders of many (but not all) Kenzer & Company products. At Paizo , the code “holiday11″ will get you 10% off one order…

Game Bandit—Mini Edition

Dave Graffam Models’ print-and-assemble 3D miniature buildings are 30% off. Spin Master is running a Bakugan Coloring Contest for three mystery prizes. At Brigade Models , Aeronef, starships, Land Ironclads, 15mm and 6mm tanks, Iron Stars, WWI Belgians are 15% off; Celtos miniatures are 25% off. 93 Games Studio is selling its entire line of Twilight 2013 products as a bundle for $10. Expansions for the Keltis iPhone …

Try Not to Scare the Public, Will You?

Someone dumped a case of fantasy war gaming pieces in a suitcase into the trash in New London, CT. The outside of the case apparently contained a “threatening message”, probably something about war and victory (the message hasn’t been disclosed). The bomb squad was called in. ( source ) Reminds me of the time I asked a friend to bring a game for me in his suitcase …

DC Heroclix: 75th Anniversary Set

WizKids launched the DC Heroclix 75th Anniversary Set this past week, with characters from various points in DC’s long history. Figures include a Dick Grayson version of Batman, Golden Age Superman, Barry Allen Flash, the Crimson Avenger, Gorilla City Warriors, Johnny Quick, and Sgt. Rock. The Buy it by the Brick promotional figure for this set will be White Lantern Sinestro. Prizes available as part of the…

Dice Sprites

Dice Sprites are small, sculpted-clay dice-cozies. They cuddle your dice, hold them high-number up, protect them from the bad-luck goblins, or just plain look cute. Claymancers offers them on Etsy or made-to-order . [via GaS ]

Ex illis Adds Economics System

Bastion has launched a new economics system for the Ex illis miniatures combat game . Players will track their loot online in the Baggage Train, where chests may contain coin or other items, such as weapons. Chests are accumulated by activating new units, unlocking badges, and purchasing goods. The system incorporates seven different quality levels for weapons, as well as a range of …

Gary Gygax’s Game Collection Up for Auction

Gail Gygax, Gary’s widow, and The Collector’s Trove are auctioning off Gary Gygax’s personal game collection . Bids for the first batch of 204 items close Wednesday afternoon (ET). The selection includes games he authored, games he played, and still shrink-wrapped comp copies of various games provided to him as TSR’s founder. Just a few of the highlights: Chainmail: Rules for Medieval Miniatures…

Bastion Terrain Mats

Bastion is now offering the terrain boards from it Ex-illis miniatures game as a separate product. The box includes 20 9″ x 9″ tiles and is priced at $100. With the included connectors, the tiles can be assembled in to quite a large board suitable for a variety of miniatures games.

Game Industry Catalogs

The Greater Games Industry Catalog is a quarterly directory of the hobby game industry, covering mostly US and mostly publishers and distributors. It contains contact and inventory information for around 7-800 companies and 45,000 products (by order number and MSRP). In addition, it contains a small amount of information on non-US companies as well as several articles on the industry in each issue. They have sent me complimentary copies of the…

Purple Parlay (Late Edition)—Miniature Painting

Do you paint your miniatures? I’m guessing the answer is yes if you’re a miniature player, but what about those war/board gamers with minis in their games? What about you RPG players who use minis in your campaigns? Do YOU paint your minis? Back in the day when I played Warhammer 40K I used to loved painting my minis, even though I was terrible at …

Game Bandit—Special Black Friday Edition

Amazon’s Black Friday Deal Week includes 20% off the purchase of two or more Name Your Link

Castle Winterhawk Base Set

Fat Dragon Games’ second release in the Castle Winterhawk series is the Castle Base Set and includes everything needed to build a complete fortress, towers, wall sections in four sizes, interior buildings, and a working gatehouse. Castle Winterhawk also makes use of Fat Dragon’s new E-Z LOCK system for piecing together the various sections and securely stacking multiple

Game Bandit—Local Edition

For every purchase of $25 or more at either of Myriad Games retail locations (Salem & Manchester, New Hampshire) November 26th-December 24th, customers will be entered in to the Great Games Giveaway drawing for $1,000 in free games. Every donation of $25 to Toys for Tots earns two entries. Gamewright is holding a warehouse sale December 8 & 9 in Newton, Massachusetts with prices up …

Sneak Peak at Future Bakugan

Based on the votes of brawlers at recent Bakugan Battle League events, Spin Master has provided a sneak peak at a Bakugan figure from the upcoming season 4— Titanium Dragonoid .

Heroscape: Moltenclaw’s Invasion

The third wave of Dungeons & Dragons Heroscape is out but unfortunately it will be the last . Four sets are available, including Advocates of Annihilation , Icewind Scourge , Heroes of Fallcrest , and Valkrill’s Legion . Each package includes 3-6 figures and a glyph.

Heroscape: Moltenclaw’s Invasion

The third wave of Dungeons & Dragons Heroscape is out but unfortunately it will be the last . Four sets are available, including Advocates of Annihilation , Icewind Scourge , Heroes of Fallcrest , and Valkrill’s Legion . Each package includes 3-6 figures and a glyph.

Crowdfunding Roundup: Kickstarter, etc.

Here’s a roundup of projects up for crowdsourcing on various sites. Projects that are over-funded still get you a copy of the game and usually some other benefits. Kickstarter Company Project Description Goal Raised Days to Go Tasty Minstrel Games Eminent Domain Deck building game 20,000 34,557 7 Gaming Paper Gaming Paper Adventures Mapping paper for RPGs 3,500 6,873 16 Living Worlds Games 1955: The War of…