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Cosmographer 3: Sci-fi Mapmaking Tool

ProFantasy Software’s Cosmographer add-on to Campaign Cartographer is finally out in version 3! Cosmographer 3 adds new galaxy and solar system map types, including 3-D perspective maps, and deckplan drawing features, including new bitmapped symbols and automated design functions. Cosmographer can be used for a wide range of sci-fi board game, miniature game, or RPG projects, but it has a number of features especially designed…

Mice Minis

These mice miniatures, cute: Also these: These, not so much: All new from Reaper. The first two are part of the Mousling Heroes Boxed Set . The trick-or-treating mice and zombie mice are 2010 Halloween specials available only at the Reaper Artist Con & Open House October 23-24 .

Magnetic Mounts for Planes, Starships, Etc…

A very cool idea! CorSec Engineering has released these magnetic mounts for aircraft and spaceships in miniature games. The mounts allow you to easily mount an aircraft and have it easily rotate in the directions you wish. They’re $5 for 2 mounts, and they look pretty sturdy. While they may be good for spaceships and aircraft, I can only think about how well they


Hexographer is software for creating game maps based on hexagons. With the default icons, it produces maps with an old-school feel—like the original Greyhawk maps—but it can also be used to make space maps, large-hex battle-maps, and a variety of other styles. Newly added features include railroad lines, additional terrain types (such as lava, ruined cities, and ice flows), modern …

Game Bandit—Pirate Edition

The online Bakugan Dimensions game is running an open tournament where the top prize will be a Dragonoid Colossus Bakugan , as well as a Clear Chance Dragonoid in-game. Pelgrane Press PDFs at Paizo are 15% off. Osprey , publisher of military history books beloved by wargamers, is having a 50% off summer sale. For the next 5 weeks, Wendy’s is including a …

Marvel HeroClix Web of Spiderman

After 13 previous Marvel sets, you may wonder what Wizkids will do with the next. Well, wonder no longer because HeroClix Web of Spiderman is here. Among the other various figures in the set, you’ll find three versions of Spidey—regular good-guy, black-suited Spiderman, and Peter Parker. Yes, it also includes another version of Wolverine, this one with a Healing Factor ability. The Spiderman figures have a new web…

Aarklash Warpack

Rackham Entertainment has announced a new, fantasy-based skirmish game called Aarklash Warpack . You don’t play with dice or rulers. All you need are the minis and cards to play. The rules are supposedly easy, and there’s very little setup to the game. Sounds like my kind of minis game! It’s always tough for me to find the time to play a full…

Warhammer Fantasy and WWII

Games Workshop has released the boxed starter set for the latest edition of the Warhammer fantasy battles game . The Island of Blood includes High Elf and Skaven armies (74 figures total), a rule book, a getting-started booklet, dice, templates, and range rulers. In other GW news, Bwana Bill over at the Tabletop Wargames Blog reports that Games Workshop is planning a Warhammer Historical …

BakuMorph and More Bakugan

Spin Master keeps putting out crazy new types of Bakugan. The transformations of BakuMorph Bakugan aren’t finished when sprung by a gate card. The legs, wings, and tails of these figures extend even further to create Bakugan that tower over their opponents. In September and October, other radical Bakugan being released include: Two core Bakugan that split when landing on a gate card— Sky and Gaia , which…

The Dice Tower Gaming Awards

There are many awards given out each year for games, and while I don’t take any of them as definitive, I do find that they each have something to offer. The Dice Tower podcast has been organizing its own awards program for the last few years with the help of a number of other podcasts and blogs. This one offers the perspective …

Game Bandit—Mixed Bag Edition

First the sales… Geek Chic is running a virtual tent sale for orphaned orders, factory seconds, and show pieces. You can get their amazing furniture at significantly reduced prices. Unfortunately, the company is too busy to post the list of available pieces on the web site and I don’t have room for it here. If you’re interested, I…

Snakes and Lattes, Board Game Cafe Canada-style

Snakes and Lattes is a new board game cafe in Toronto. Source has a shot of part of their 1500 board game collection, so we’re talking real games. ( source ) It’s tempting to think of it as Canada’s first board game cafe, but Vancouver has or had one called Wow Wow , though it doesn’t have a

Watchmen HeroClix

What could be more fitting for Watchmen than a tactical combat game? The DC HeroClix Watchmen Deluxe Collector’s Set includes 25 figures and “display quality packaging.”

Q-Workshop Makes Amazing Dice and Promotional Videos

[via BoardGameNews ]

Heroscape: Warriors of Eberron

The second wave of Dungeons & Dragons Heroscape is out with four different non-random boosters: Golem and Wyrmlings , Veterans of the Last War , Ogre and Goblins , and Heroes of Khorvaire . Each package includes five figures and a treasure token.

Ultramarines Movie Trailer

Inching closer to release of the Ultramarines Warhammer 40,000 movie . [link, not embedded]

Ex illis and The Archangels

Ex illis from Bastion Studios offers fantasy miniatures war gaming with an online component. The software (which works on a PC, Mac, or iPhone/iPod) tracks each unit’s attributes, lets players know what tactical options are available on their turns, and executes the calculations necessary to resolve combat. It seems that Bastion’s approach was to develop a highly detailed and complex rules system, but couple…

Aburkadabur’s Figure Force Super-Hero Action Figure Game

Aburkadabur presents Figure Force , a super-hero action figure game. Aburkadabur provides the rules, dice, and the action figures. Aburkadabur’s action figures have 19 points of articulation. Aburkadabur’s site indicates release dates of 2010, but everything by Aburkadabur is still in pre-production, and the first actual event that Aburkadabur has listed on their site is 2011′s NY Toy Fair. Really, I only posted this because I love…

Fields of Battle

Castles & Crusades is fantasy roleplaying in the classic style (attributes and classes). The publisher, Troll Lord Games likes to call it a tinkerer’s paradise. New for the game is Fields of Battle , a boxed set of mass combat miniatures rules. It’s based on the same Seige Engine system as the core rules and works with any miniatures

Fields of Battle

Castles & Crusades is fantasy roleplaying in the classic style (attributes and classes). The publisher, Troll Lord Games likes to call it a tinkerer’s paradise. New for the game is Fields of Battle , a boxed set of mass combat miniatures rules. It’s based on the same Seige Engine system as the core rules and works with any miniatures (or the paper tokens