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Catalyst’s Shadowrun, Battletech, and That Cool Game We Hope to See One Day

On display at Gen Con by Catalyst, the latest for Shadowrun were Spells and Chrome , an anthology of short fiction, and Sixth World Almanac . The latter book brings together for the first time in one place an overview of the Shadowrun setting, including a detailed timeline. For Battletech , Catalyst had the newest book of mechs, Tech Readout 3085 , associated record sheets, and the short fiction anthology…

Gen Con 2010 Sets Attendance Record

In its 43rd year, Gen Con Indy had its biggest show yet with 30,046 unique attendees. The convention also featured over 8,600 game events, and was really a lot of fun.

Fairy Fossils

I’m not sure I need to say more about this delightfully perverse series of miniatures . Except that each is published in a limited edition. Emerald’s Emporium also produces elevation indicators for your miniatures (clear cylinders with bands indicating heights marked on the side), designed by the same artist.

A Roundup of Select Gen Con Goodies

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Z-Man Games will be giving out t-shirts with every games purchase and holding a raffle where the prize is a copy of every one of their in-stock games. Z-Man will also be running a Pandemic LARP ! The MTV television show MADE is holding open casting at Gen Con on both Friday …

A Roundup of Select Gen Con Goodies

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Z-Man Games will be giving out t-shirts with every games purchase and holding a raffle where the prize is a copy of every one of their in-stock games. Z-Man will also be running a Pandemic LARP ! The MTV television show MADE is holding open casting at Gen Con on both Friday and Saturday at 10:00 AM. …

Con Competition

This week, two game conventions compete for your attention. Gen Con is certainly the bigger of the two, but WBC (The World Boardgaming Championships) also has quite a lot going for it. Gen Con is a major industry event with a large exhibition hall, many new games being previewed and released, organized events and open gaming, business deals in the bars and back rooms, and non-game but…

Warlord RTS Video Game

Reaper Miniatures’ Warlord game, recently upgraded to a second edition , is set to become the basis for an upcoming RTS video game. The developer, though, is a small startup that needs a little help with funding. So like many game companies these days, they’re turning to you through Kickstarter .

Castle Winterhawk

Ever since 9th level (in 1983), I’ve been wanting to build that keep. Now I can do it without spending a fortune in gold pieces. Winterhawk Watchtower is the first in a series of component models for the paper miniature Castle Winterhawk. As we’ve come to expect from Fat Dragon Games, the electronic download includes more than just …

Advanced Dunnies & Dragons

These cute but fierce custom sculpted vinyl toys are from the brand new Advanced Dunnies & Dragons series by Weird Force One—orcs, beholders, and walking d20s. [via BattleGrip ]

Play in Public

In March, we celebrated Read an RPG in Public Week to help generate positive exposure for the roleplaying hobby. And while I’m happy to see this week bring that celebration’s second incarnation of the year, another exciting effort it just launching to spread the word of board games. The Play in Public Campaign (PiP) is being organized to support and coordinate people playing games, …

Invest in Games on Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a site that lets people pledge money for an investment in someone’s business. You only pay if a minimum threshold is reached. The amount of the threshold depends on how much the developers need, ranging from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars. If the amount pledged goes over the target, the extra money is used for additional design, marketing, etc. Your rewards …

Everyone Plays at the Library

Following up on his superb online course, Scott Nicholson has written a book elaborating on his advice for managing game programs in libraries. As an Associate Professor at Syracuse University, host of fun board game video reviews , and someone who’s run many such programs himself, Scott has a lot of insight to share. The book is called “ Everyone Plays at…

Bakugan Battle League Organized Play

A new Bakugan organized play program is being launched by Spin Master at Toys R Us stores across the United States. The first Bakugan Battle League will take place this coming Saturday, July 24th. Brawlers will be able to collect exclusive promo cards and decide the outcome of a Bakugan story line. Participants will be asked to choose sides in a …

Purple Pawn Joins the TGN Bloggers Network

Tabletop Gaming News is a fantastic site covering a large swath of the miniatures and war gaming market, and they have just launched a TGN Blog Network , with excerpts from over 41 blogs to start with. I expect that number to grow quickly. Purple Pawn’s wargames and miniatures posts feed to the TGN Blog Network. As a reminder, our RPG-related posts already feed to the RPG Bloggers

BattleTech: Terra, Misery, and Davion

Three new BattleTech supplements are available in PDF. Jihad Hot Spots: Terra for material on the war between the Word of Blake and the Inner Sphere. Historical Turning Points: Misery for information on the planet Misery and the battles that took place there between Wolf’s Dragoons and The Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery. And Experimental Technical Readout: Davion for details on the custom and prototype

Warhammer 40K Mr Potato Head

Not much to add to that, actually. Source includes step-by-step illustrations of the development process. ( source , via )

Warhammer Available Now!

We knew it was coming . The latest version of Warhammer was released on July 10th, and MAN is it a beautiful looking book. Not only that, but there’s a beautiful ranging set, counter set, and template set that can be purchased too . The rulebook will set you back $75… yikes . I was never a Warhammer Fantasy fan, but …

Dust Moving

Well this is breaking news. It was just a couple of weeks ago that Josh was showing us new pictures of Dust Tactics miniatures from Origins and telling us how eager AEG was to support the game. Two days ago, I reported on AEG’s release of Mad Zeppelin . It seems, though, that all these products were just too much.  Alderac Entertainment Group is transferring most …

Leave Your Paper Terrain in Ruins

It’s been a while since I’ve covered any news items from Dave’s Games , so I figured I’d post this today. Dave’s been very busy creating beautiful terrain for you to print and use in your miniatures games, and this time he’s released a set of fantastic ruins and garden ground tiles . The buildings are 30mm scale, and are printable PDFs. You…


Ironclaw , the game of anthropomorphic tabletop roleplaying, is back in a second edition. The mechanics of this game are somewhat involved, but if you’re looking for a fantasy game in a magical world of fur suits, it’s something to consider. And while we’re on the subject of animal characters, here’s some more new figures from Dark Sword Miniatures :