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Cadwallon: City of Thieves

Cadwallon: City of Thieves , originally previewed by Fantasy Flight Games at Gen Con, is now available at retailers. Each player in the game controls a gang in the Guild of Thieves and competes to liberate the greatest treasure from the residents of the fantasy city of Cadwallon. The game includes a variety of scenarios and comes with 20 unpainted character miniatures. Prepainted miniatures are available direct from FFG.

Game Bandit—Difficult to Pronounce Edition

Zobmondo is giving away an iPad and copies of their game, Would You Rather…? . Follow on Facebook or tweet on Twitter, but only posting a video on YouTube will get you a chance at the iPad. For advice on the company’s fantasy steampunk setting, Loaerth & Feywyrd, Nevermet Press is giving away a $30 Amazon gift card and PDFs …

Hasbro Bringing Universal Studios to its Knees

Hasbro’s rapid succession of movie deals flooded the press at various points over the last two years. Apparently, Hasbro wielded a whole lot of clout, not only in getting the deals, but in how they were structured. Universal Studios, struggling to live up to its commitments to make these movies, is not having an easy time of it. From an exhaustive and fascinating …

Life Size Monopoly House as Art

Canadian artist An Te Liu turned a small house in Toronto into a replica of a 1980′s Monopoly game green house in a piece called “Title Deed”. The piece was done as part of The Leona Drive project, where 19 artists presented works addressing the shifting space of the suburbs on a group of empty lots. ( source )

Sorry Spin

Sorry gets yet another twist, this time an actual , physical twist. Sorry Spin plays like Sorry, of course, but each player’s home track lies on a flat horizontal gear abutting the flat horizontal gear of the main board. Land on a certain space and the gears turn, changing the relative positions of the pieces on the board. All of the cards give options, such …

AKB48 Donjara

Japanese singing and theater teen-girl group sensation AKB48 will soon have their own themed version of Donjara published by Bandai. Donjara is Bandai’s band name version of the public game Ponjan, a children’s version of Mahjong. ( source ) Apparently there is already a trading card game for AKB48, but I was only able to find trading cards (i.e. collectible cards…

glee games

Cardinal Games presents two games, a board game and a card game , to free your glee. Gleek out. The board game comes with a CD, and is a performance game. The card games is 150 cards with questions about the show.

Hasbro Forces Sharron Angle to Ditch Harry Reid Monopoly Parody

Sharron Angle , Republican nominee for a Nevada senate seat, had to ditch a Monopoly game parody attack site against incumbent Harry Reid after receiving a cease and desist letter from Hasbro. The site now redirects to her campaign site. ( source )

University Courses in Board Games

Last year we told you about EdTec 670 at San Diego State University. I’m happy to tell you that it is back again this year . If you find yourself closer to Texas than to California, you can try SCCL 6366 Understanding Civilization Through Board Games at SMU, in which you learn to appreciate what board games pick up from their cultures and then design one to reflect ours. …

Spin Master Looks to Board Games for Stability

An article in Monday’s The Globe and Mail provides some very interesting and surprising insight in to growing powerhouse in the toy and game business, Spin Master . The company is already number three among North American-based toy makers and clearly knows how to develop properties in to hot trends— Bakugan being our favorite example here at PP. And while …

Tom Chatfield: 7 ways Games Reward the Brain

Tom learns from MMOGs, but his fantastic talk is really about games, in general.

October Board and Card Game Patents

I’m skipping the electronic poker tables, slot machines, and a cup designed to hold poker chips. System and method for playing a team gaming tournament – Team poker, with a method for calculating a total score based on how many players are on the team and when they were eliminated. Board game with tower and collapsing stairs – Hasbro’s Indiana Jones Akator Temple Race Game . …

RAID: Random Adventures in Dungeons

RAID (Random Adventures in Dungeons) from Double Aye Games is a dice-based combat dungeon crawl with a map that grows as the game progresses. Draw and add a tile, draw a random room occupant or event, resolve combat or event, collect gold and treasure. Play ends when someone finds the exit. The player with the most gold wins. The game is $20.

Game Bandit—Colossus Edition

Compass Games is giving 40% off Price of Freedom, Yalu, Spanish Eagles, Bataan or Red Storm with preorders of the company’s upcoming releases: Steel Wolves, Storming the Reich, or Imperial Japanese Navy . To celebrate the newest Catan game, Settlers of America: Trails to Rails , Mayfair Games and Catan, Inc. are running a photo contest. Photos must be submitted through Facebook. The 50 most popular will earn…

WizKids Relaunches Mage Knights

The Mage Knight property, the original Clix game with pre-painted minis, is being relaunched by the new WizKids (aka NECA). First up is a planned board game, designed by Vlaada Chvátil, designer of Dungeon Lords , Through the Ages , and Galaxy Trucker . Additional items in the works are a deck-building card game and an RPG. ( source )

2012 The Board Game: Only 2 Years Left to Play It

The world will end on Dec 21, 2012 , of course, so you only have just over two years left to play 2012: the board game . It’s roll and move, and I can’t tell from the copy if there are any decisions to be made. But that’s eschatology for you.

Spiritual Pursuit

Baha’i of Warwick presents Spiritual Pursuit . 30 GBP with shipping in the UK, more for overseas. Inspired by Trivial Pursuit, of course. There are harder and easier questions for differently aged or experienced players, and you need a certain number of points in each category before you’ve obtained the category.

Forest Challenge Charity Board Game for Pakistan

Alan Brown created Forest Challenge , an orienteering game, and he is donating half of the purchase price of each game to Pakistan flood relief. It’s a roll and move game with choices on the direction (and obstacles across which) you travel. Further information at the link.

BattleLore Update

Ever since Fantasy Flight Games acquired the BattleLore line from Days of Wonder, we’ve been a little uncertain about the game’s future. The first few expansions— Heroes , Dragons , and Creatures —seemed to take the game in an RPG-like or adventure-game direction (admittedly, those were inherited from DoW). More recent expansions appear to be returning the game …

Game Bandit—Kudos to GMT Edition

The sales… Amazon is offering a free Sorry Revenge game with the purchase of $25 in select Hasbro games , or a $10 discount with the purchase of $25 in Mattel preschool games . Use the promo code “EXCLUSIVE20″ to get 20% off at Hasbro’s online toy shop . Thought Hammer’s Spooky Specials for Halloween include sale prices on horror…