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BGG Adds Podcast Directory

BoardGameGeek has, for the first time, acknowledged that other board game sites exist, by adding a beta podcast directory . Each podcast includes a description, link to the feed, and the ability to listen to each episode directly on BGG. Each episode also has its own BGG entry. In other news, BGG has dropped the Geekdo approach (BoardGameGeek is now the official name of …

Board and Card Game News Roundup

I was away from blogging for a week (my father passed away), so I have a backlog of news posts to churn out. Here you go: Chess Bobby Fischer’s body was exhumed from his grave to prove that a 9 year old Philippines girl was not, in fact, his daughter. ( source ) Felony charges against Gregory Alexander, accused of breaking into …


One of the hottest new games on display at Gen Con was Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer . Gary Games, the publisher, had sold at least 450 copies when I spoke to them on Sunday morning. Ascension falls in that very popular category these days of deck-building games. It has two unique features, though. First, there are no play or buy limits on a turn…

Pressure Matrix

Despite passing on the Dust games , AEG continues to publish others. At Gen Con, the company launched Pressure Matrix , in which players act out a futuristic game show. Each player controls a runner, who moves around the board collecting money while trying to avoid being blocked in. AEG was also showing a Legend of the Five Rings 15 Years of Art book.

Imagination Sells Two Games to Spin Master for 24M AUD

Australian board and DVD game company Imagination Game s has sold two of its games – Fact Or Crap and Battle of the Sexes – to burgeoning game and toy company Spin Master for $24 million Australian dollars (around $21.7 million USD). The reason for the sale, if it wasn’t already obvious, is to deal with some bank problems. ( source )

What’s Next for BoardGames.com?

$450,000 For boardgames.com; What Now? In May, boardgames.com was sold to an undisclosed purchaser for $450,000. It was not the most ever paid for a board or card related website: poker.org sold for $1 million earlier this year. Casino.com sold for $5.5 million, gambling.com for $19.8 million, and poker.com is rumored to have sold for between $23 and $27 million. Boardgames.com…

7 Wonders

Asmodee was demoing at Gen Con an upcoming title, 7 Wonders , that presents an interesting combination of card drafting and civilization building. Each player works toward building one of the seven wonders of the ancient world using basic resources, technological advancements, cultural developments, military might, and trade. All of these are represented on cards and players collect hands while passing the cards around the table.

Gen Con 2010 Sets Attendance Record

In its 43rd year, Gen Con Indy had its biggest show yet with 30,046 unique attendees. The convention also featured over 8,600 game events, and was really a lot of fun.

2010 Awards

This year’s Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming was given to BoardGameGeek , beating out actual games. Of the 21 Ennie Awards categories this year, the gold in 11 went to Paizo for Pathfinder products. Best Cover Art Silver: Eclipse Phase Gold: Pathfinder Bestiary Best Interior Art Silver: Shadowrun 20th Gold: Pathfinder Core Rulebook Best Cartography Silver: Aces & Eights: Judas Crossing Gold: Pathfinder City Map …

2010 National Scrabble Champion

Nigel Richards, of New Zealand and Malaysia, has won the 2010 National Scrabble Championship just completed in Dallas. In this, his second time as champion, Nigel’s victory was achieved with a 25-6 game and +2213 point spread.

Agricola + Infidelity = Funny

For those of you who aren’t familiar, XKCD is a geeky comic . Sometimes they’ve got board game jokes tossed into the mix of their normally mathematical and technical funnery (yes, I know that’s not a real word.) Take today’s, for example. What happens when 3 household members’ secret lovers have a scheduling conflict? They play Agricola!

Thinking Nurse Trivia and Nursing Strategy Games

The wacky guys of College of DuPage Press who brought us Vatican, The Board Game are back with a series of six games to test your nursing skills. The Thinking Nurse games cover maternity , mental health , pediatrics , infant care , medical patients , and surgical patients . Each costs $50, but you can get all six for $250. The box designs are minimal, but

The Hub Plans a TV Show Based on Clue

Hasbro and Discovery Channel’s joint upcoming effort The Hub TV adds Clue to its list of planned TV series. ( source ) Funny thing: searching for “The Hub” on Google yields a New Zealand TV station for kids called The Hub , property of TaylorMade Media .

WBC (and more) Pimping Roundup

Convention Pimping AP pimps WBC. ( source ) ABC News pimps WBC. ( source ) The Indy Star continues to pimp Gen Con, talking about how the community businesses aim to support, and profit from, the con. ( source ) The Appeal Democrat pimps a Bridge sectional. ( source ) DFW.com pimps the National Scrabble Championship . ( source ) Upcoming cons The Mind

The Professional Game Store Association

The Professional Game Store Association just founded and is looking to sign up its charter members. It’s aim is to strengthen ties between game stores and manufacturers, publishers, and distributors. If you own a retail hobby game store, you can contact them at Gen Con, or fax in your membership to the number on the site. Or you can buy a membership at an online discounter…

Gen Con (and more) Pimping Roundup

Gen Con pimping WTHR pimps (30,000 attendees, $29.5 million to be spent). ( source ) WTHR worries that there are not enough taxis available for all of the Gen Con attendees (28,000). ( source ) The Indy Star anticipates a lack of coffee (30,000). ( source )The Indy Star complains over the lack of coffee (30,000). ( source ) The Indy Star (…

Whose Shoes? Implementing the UK’s Putting People First Initiative

Whose Shoes? by Nutshell Communication is a board game … er, learning and development tool whose intent is to help implement the Putting People First initiative described in various official UK government documents. The initiative is aimed at transforming adult social care. The game asks questions dealing with funding, caregivers, managers, staff, and other issues involving aging adults. Gill Phillips, the woman behind…

Magical Rainbow

Magical Rainbow by Crossen Creations is a something like Candy Land: a spinner, move to the first occurrence of that color, first to reach the end of the path wins. It differs from Candy Land in a few ways: The board and pieces are magnetic. A leprechaun moves around the board as you do, occasionally dragging you off to some corner of the …

Pete’s Box: Six Wooden Game Board Form a Cubes

Pete’s Box is a construction by Peter Blose from his oddly named company Prevideo Productions . Peter paints different games onto six wooden boards with raised ridges on each end that can assemble into a game cube. Games include various classic games, as well as differently-named versions of games currently trademarked by Hasbro and Mattel (e.g. “World Domination”, “Property Trading…

Petroglyph Releases Heroes and Guardians of Graxia at GenCon

We’ve mentioned Heroes of Graxia and Guardians of Graxia before.  We’ve even had an interview with Mathew over at Petroglyph . Now, Petroglyph has finally released both games! You can buy them at GenCon, or on Petroglyph’s site . The games should hit store shelves soon. Heroes comes in at $34.99, and Guardians will cost $60.o0.