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Mensa Mind Games 2011

This weekend in Albany, around 200 Mensa members will gather at the 2011 Mensa Mind Games to play games submitted for consideration for the 2011 Mensa Select badge. The winning games are typically simple abstract games that take only a short time to learn and to play, and the selection is limited only to games that were submitted for consideration. As a result, True …

37th Annual Origins Awards Nominee List

The Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design has unveiled the list of nominees for the 37th Annual Origins Awards that will be held at the Origins Game Fair in Greater Columbus Convention Center on June 22-26 . Five nominees have been named in each of the 9 categories (except for Best Historical Board Game) through a vote by game retailers in March 2011 during the GAMA Trade Show from a shortlist…

Angry Birds the Tabletop Game Available for Pre-order

Pre-order your overdeveloped game of Tiddlywinks – or your under-developed game of Crossbows and Catapults – now from Amazon for $20. Ships on May 5.

April Kickstarter Game Projects 2

A scant 9 days after our last post and things are really hopping on Kickstarter. Furthermore, the site is starting to be used by larger, experienced, traditional designers and publishers, and not only first-timers. A show of hands: if projects keep getting added at this pace, how many readers want this roundup to be weekly? Here are new projects since the last post : Project Description Required …

Game Bandit—Miniature Giveaways Edition

Catalyst Game Labs will be giving away Leviathans miniatures before the game is released. The contest has three categories: best web presentation, best real-life presentation, and best game component. Fantasy Flight Games is running a miniatures painting contest, using Battles of Westeros figures. The winner will receive one copy of every Battles of Westeros game and expansion. For 25% …

Operation Using a $1.3 Million Robot

I see board game parody videos come and go, but this is the first one I’ve seen that includes a $1.3 million robot (the da Vinci Surgical System; plus several hundred thousand dollars of annual maintenance fees) in the tomfoolery. From PhD candidates at the John Hopkins robotics lab.

Starmada: Fleet Ops

Starmada is a set of spaceship combat rules that can be used on its own as a miniatures battle game or as a specialized subsystem for an RPG or other game. The core rules can be found in Starmada: The Admiralty Edition . The new Starmada: Fleet Ops book contains streamlined rules for constructing and engaging large fleets. Among the new concepts introduced

Meeples 4 Peoples: Games For Foster Children

Meeples 4 Peoples is a new Phoenix, AZ based initiative by Patrick Nickell. Its object is to provide Eurogames, game sessions, and game groups for private group homes, foster homes, and local organization that cater towards foster / state ward kids. Says Patrick: We want to be able to give them positive, social and intellectual options to not only learn life and social skills but have a sense of belonging…

Chametz, a Passover Board Game

Just in time for Passover, Chametz (leavened bread) is a new Passover board game designed by Jay Falk and published by Hazakah . While containing Jewish trivia questions, the game play is also based on the board game Clue to some degree (no writing necessary). ( source )

Homemade TRON Light Cycle Board Game

Brett King made a home made luminescent TRON light cycle board game: Build instructions and tentative rules are in the video’s description . ( source , via )

Can’t Stop Cover Design Contest

A new version of Can’t Stop will be released by Gryphon Games towards the end of this year, and they’re running a contest where they’re allowing people to try and design the new cover of the game. While they’re not guarenteeing they’ll choose a user submitted design, if they do the winner will receive 12 copies of the game and their name…

Tiltfactor Lab: Games For Social Change

Dartmouth University’s Tiltfactor Lab creates both analog and electronic games addressing social issues, as well as games addressing the creative process of game design itself. The lab is headed by Mary Flanagan , a Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Professor in Digital Humanities, and author of Critical Play: Radical Game Design . A recent release is POX: The Board Game , a board game…

Skippity, A Freaky Colored Abstract

From the designer (Susan McKinley Ross) and publisher (Mindware) of Qwirkle comes a new abstract game Skippity . The game board and pieces are in 6 and 5 colors, respectively. To set up, pieces are placed randomly on the board. Each turn you jump pieces into an empty spot, collecting the pieces you jumped. At the end of the game, you score for each complete set of …

Game Bandit—Memories of Play Edition

The Strong National Museum of Play is collecting video recollections of playing with friends. The top videos, as chosen by a panel of experts and by public voting, will win Flip video cameras and Amazon gift certificates. Starlit Citadel of Canada , and a Purple Pawn advertiser, is running a 4th Anniversary Sale with discounts of up to 70%. For 20% off at…

Superpowerful Bonanza, a Superhero Combat Board Game

Azikwe Games is back ( also here ) with Superpowerful Bonanza , a new game based on superheroes, unique superheroes created by the designer and publisher Luanga Nuwame. The game comes with a comic book illustrating the characters. How does it play? I can’t really tell. It looks to be some kind of card based combat game. An additional game…

Penn’s Year of Games

As millions of students eagerly await word on their college applications, those hoping for acceptance to the University of Pennsylvania now have an extra reason for excitement. Penn (my alma mater) has declared the 2011-2012 school year to be the Year of Games: Body and Mind . As part of the Penn Reading Project, all incoming freshmen will be sent a copy of Jane McGonigal’s book, Reality is Broken , and …

Gallop! The Scanimation Board Game

Rufus Butler Seder’s hit “scanimation” book Gallop! will be turned into a children’s board game ages 3+ from Discovery Bay Games. The game will also include scanimation; open the door to see which animal wins the race. ( info )

Rummikub WordMagic

India’s Funskool publishes Rummikub WordMagic, an English letters edition of the popular number game. The game came out around 2003. It’s an anagramming game of some kind, which means I’d love it; not sure I want to order it all the way from India, though.

Knizia Co-op Star Trek Game from WizKids

Star Trek Expeditions will be a new cooperative game by Reiner Knizia forthcoming from WizKids. The game is based on the series’ restart movie. Includes Star Trek Heroclix (natch), and is for 1-4 players. Due mid-June. Details . ( source )

April Kickstarter Game Projects

Not including those projects which continue from March ( see here ). Project Description Required Raised Ends BattleCON Fighting Card Game Level 99 Games Card combat game with card combination mechanics $6,000 $5,306 20 days Roller Derby: The Boardgame Chaz Hall As titled $4,000 $320 67 days Versatile Dice OdysseyDyse Dice with square pips $2,500 $258 8 days Drag Show the Drinking Game Cheeky Dingo Games Trash talking party game $…