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Monthly Poll – Favorite Old School Module Round 2 0

I got a couple of emails asking why I left out this module or that so I decided to do a little playoff between modules. But before we get to that, we need to learn who won round 1. Lets face it, this time it was sort of a run away win for your number 1 choice for Favorite Old School Module. With more than twice the number …

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Monthly Poll – Favorite Old School Module 0

Stolen directly from Grognardia ‘s web site So much for January. That didn’t take long. Sort of a small turn out for last months Monthly Poll so this shouldn’t take long. In 1st place for the favorite “deceptive” creature with 36% of the votes was the Doppleganger 2nd Place goes to the Water Weird (one of my personal favorites) 3rd place is Gas Spore. I have to …

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Monthly Poll – Favorite Deceptive Creature 0

Another poll comes to a close, so lets see how our favorite undead creatures stack up against one another. First place goes to my favorite, the Lich with 27% of your votes 2nd place was a bit of a surprise to me, Skeletons rock the vote with a solid 23% 3rd place, with 20% of the votes is everyone’s favorite grave robber, the Ghoul with 20% 4th place, with …

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Monthly Poll – Favorite Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Character 0

Ok, that’s it for the monthly poll of June. And here are the results… #1 with 18% is Black Dragons, one of my personal favorites #2 we have a tie at 13% between Red Dragons and Blue Dragons #3 with 12% is Silver Dragons, our top good aligned dragon #4 at 10% is White Dragons, my other personal favorite #5 with 7%…

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Monthly Poll – Favorite Dragon Type 0

Sort of an odd-ball poll this time. I was browsing my old Monster Manuals and noticed a disturbing trend of letting cats-walking-across-keyboards name monsters. So I wanted to see what people thought was the weirdest, and now I know. With a dominating 60%, you, the people, have chosen Ixitxachitl as your weirdest monster name 2nd place belongs…

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Bi-Weekly Poll – Strangest Creature Name 0

A lot of votes this time for Favorite Post-Apocalyptic Scenario. Lets see who won… With an impressive 34% most of you are hoping for a good old-fashioned Zombie Apocalypse to ravage the world and turn us all into gun-toting, hot rod driving, zombie vigilantes. Seems oddly appropriate being Zombie Awareness Month and all. In 2nd place was Nuclear Holocaust with 27%…

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