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An RPG Epiphany: Dragon Age of Conan 0

When I’m in a brain dead mood, I just sit back, relax and let my mind just wander all over the place. It might sound like a waste of time but I think of it as sort stirring a simmering pot. Something interesting just might come to surface. This time it was the announcement of

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Horror & The FATE System 0

As I posted a few weeks ago, the GM bug has been gnawing at me. Since the Dresden Files RPG has hit the shelves, a few more ideas have crept into my little brain. One of the ideas I had been playing around with is running a horror campaign. I had originally planned on using

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More Thoughts on the Dresden Files RPG & What I’ve Been Thinking About Doing With It 0

Since Fred Hicks announced that the dead tree versions would be shipping on June 30, I’ve been chomping at the bit and reading over PDF’s. I do have to admit that I have a bit of the gamer ADD. Something new and shiny comes out and it really fascinates me until the next cool thing catches

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