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Tag "noir"

A bit of Cthulhu photography for your use 0

I’ve put together a few old (style) photos in to which I’ve added a bit of tentacle, a giant eye or what have you.  These may be very useful for your Cthulhu or old gods style game and can be freely used as such.  I do not claim to be an expert at GIMP, and clearly this is true. These were really the work…

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40+ old style photos for use in your noir, horror or d20 modern campaigns 0

Early this morning I downloaded the Retro Camera app for my android phone, on a whim.  I started taking a few pictures of my commute with it, and I realized that some of the industrial settings I was commuting through would make cool photos for use in some sort of noir RPG campaign.  It also occurred to me that I work in a place with many buildings…

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