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Close to Death 0

I felt the wind as the katana sliced at my throat. Ha , I thought. Missed me! And then I felt the pulse of blood flowing out. I did the only thing I could. I straightened my tail out, stiff like a plank and fell over backwards. If the thief thought that I was dead, I may have a chance to heal myself before doom fell. I…

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At the Temple 0

We met with some difficulties through the caverns, to be sure. They were not as safe as the army commander had said. We were able to help some of my fellow Nezumi — treasure hunters of the Grasping Paw tribe — who were under attack. I was pleased to lend them a hand. Aside from the obligations of tribe and station, …

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Shiro Kuni: The Big City 0

As we approached the outskirts of the city, the smell of the human inhabitants hit my nose like a hammer. I leaned over to Mir’Itus. “ You smell the human smell, yes? What are they eating, do you think ?” He frowned at me. I twitched my whiskers. “ What? We speak in Nezumi. ” He shook his head. “ That doesn’t matter. We…

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Midaki – City in Trouble 0

After much of the feasting, tea drinking, talk talk talk! we finally leaving Shiro for south way. Kaiu daddy give many speech — he take after Grandpa this way. Like sound of voice. Te’Ka can hope that daughter-granddaughter no follow in steps, yes? Otherwise, long trip be seeming longer. Human why talk so much-much? What to say? Nezumi talk, yes-…

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