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Open Game Table Vol. 2 at your FLGS, Lulu, 0

Jonathan Jacobs, blogger and organizer extraordinaire, announced on The Core Mechanic today that you can buy the Open Game Table: The Anthology of Roleplaying Game Blogs, Vol. 2 on Lulu and RpgNow , as well as local gaming stores thanks to Studio 2 Publishing . I was a peer reviewer and can assure you that every article in Vol. 2 well worth a read.  I especially enjoy the parts on theory…

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Well, I’m back 0

Dear readers, I am gratified to see that some of you are sticking around.  The last few weeks have been rough.  First my site was borked when I tried to upgrade to WordPress 3.0.  Luckily, Dreamhost’s web panel contained the solution but this here site was down for an entire week.  In the future, my archives are backed up at my Posterous for public …

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